Pineapple Express

Strain Review: Pineapple Express

You definitely know of the movie Pineapple Express by this point, but you’ll be impressed and not disappointed to try out the strain the movie is named for. If you’ve tried Trainwreck, think of it as a precursor to what you’ll experience with a dose of PE– after all, Pineapple Express is a hybrid of Trainwreck and Hawaiian. It’s incredibly hard hitting and long lasting, so plan accordingly. An excellent blend of the energizing effects of sativa, with creativity and uplifted thoughts, and the pain relief of indica.
Obviously, this strain tastes of pineapple, but it’s also sweet, with hints of apple, mango, and even pine. The whiff is mouth-watering, and easy to see why it’s an instant classic. Enjoy a few crushed buds rolled up in a fruity blunt wrap, and it’s the best dessert you could imagine. The buds themselves are sticky, coated in trichomes, and often almost yellow in color. Very dense, resiny, and stinky, you might even be tempted to lick your fingers after you break them up. One user says, the darker the bud, the stickier the resin, so good luck getting it off your hands!
The smoke is very smooth, and my personal favorite is through a clean water bong, lit with a match or wick. That way, the only thing you taste is the deliciously sweet fruit and crisp pine and cedar. It’s a calm directly afterwards, but not a couch lock. I felt energized, and like I could get up and keep going with the day if I chose to. The euphoria is tolerable (you ever had it where some strains just get you too happy? It can really shake with reality.), and all that means is, life still feels real; you just feel more capable. Some feel extreme relaxation without time becoming a trip, and others find a boost in appetite or a case of the giggles.
The high might creep in, especially if you take the actual smoking slowly. Careful for hitting it hard–rather than rip 3 or 4 hits in a row expecting to fall right into the high, take one medium-sized pull, then see how it feels in a few minutes. One user recommends starting with a fast-moving sativa strain, then trying Pineapple Express to ‘stretch it out.’ With any luck, you’ll feel symptoms of anxiety and depression start to melt away, and aspects of your true, happy self will come forward. For some, it’s a very visual high, with colors brightening and textures popping. Try a fat bowl out in your favorite secluded area of a park, on a mountain, or by a lake, and let nature unfold its wonders.
image: Ry Prichard, The Cannabist

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These States Just Passed Medical Marijuana Initiatives

More Legal Weed For Those In Need

The one good thing to come out of this year’s election is all the legal weed. Four different states passed medical marijuana measures on election day. The voters of Arkansas, North Dakota, Florida, and Montana have spoken. They want medical marijuana for their suffering patients and they want to make it accessible. Seven states in total legalized some form of marijuana but we’ll focus on those who really need weed first. States like North Dakota are dipping their toes into the medical marijuana world for the first time. However, Florida, Arkansas and Montana have already had medical marijuana and are looking to improve their mmj laws.

Florida (Amendment 2)

Florida’s medical marijuana measure passed two years ago with 58% of the vote. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act allowed certain patients with debilitating conditions access to medical marijuana. However, the act required patients be provided with cannabis that is low in THC. The lack of the main psychoactive ingredient means Florida’s cannabis carried less medicinal effects than the cannabis in other states. On the bright side, patients in Florida will now be allowed to obtain full strength marijuana.
“This is a major tipping point,” said Tom Angell of Florida’s vote. “With Florida’s decision, a majority of states in the U.S. now have laws allowing patients to find relief with medical marijuana, and these protections and programs are no longer concentrated in certain regions of the country like the West and Northeast.”

Montana (I-182)

Montana has had medical marijuana laws for over a decade. In 2011, the laws changed making it more difficult for patients to find a dispensary. It also made it harder for dispensaries to remain open because they could only have 3 patients. Initiative 182 just passed granting Montana medical marijuana patients easier access to their medicine. There is no longer a 3 patient limit so dispensaries will be encouraged to open up and serve the thousands of MT patients in need medicine.

Arkansas (Issue 6)

Arkansas voters decided between two different initiatives. The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act and the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment. The main difference between the two was in the number of dispensaries allowed. The amendment ended up passing with 53% of the vote and 46% voting against it. The AK Department of Health has been given 120 days to adopt the new rules from the amendment. There will be labeling and testing standards for marijuana distributed to patients. Once the new law is in place there will be 56 qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in AK.

North Dakota (Measure 5)

North Dakota’s medical marijuana measure passed with flying colors. The initiative had about 64% support from state voters. Patients suffering from AIDS/HIV, PTSD, epilepsy, glaucoma, and more will be able to register for medical marijuana in ND now. Possession of 3 ounces is allowed for patients and cultivation of 8 plants is allowed for those who over 40 miles away from a dispensary.
More than half of the United States have access to medical marijuana now. Prior to the election there were 25 states, there are now 28 with some type of medical marijuana law in place. There’s good news for those who don’t necessarily need weed too. A quarter of the nation now has access to recreational marijuana!


Strain Review: Trainwreck

Ideally, this sativa-strong hybrid will leave you in a state appropriate to its name. Said to be cerebral and ‘mind-bending’, Trainwreck is a blend of Mexican and Thai sativa, with Afghani indica for the sweet mellow qualities. It’s true genetic origins are a bit unknown, however, with constant debate about whether or not it’s a clone, its grow/flowering time, etc. With some batches you might be able to philosophize the end to world hunger, others, you might be land-locked to your living room. Regardless of it’s origins, with this top-shelf strain, you may find relief from anxiety, focus to control symptoms of ADHD, ADD, and PTSD, and great pain relief, due to its high THC content.
Bring yourself back to nature with a whiff of the buds; said to be both spicy and lemony sweet, Trainwreck smells of pine needles and soft earth. It is quite strong, and permeates a room, so choose your container appropriately if smell is something you need to be concerned over. The look of the buds is gorgeous, often bright electric green and plenty of fuzzy orange or brown hairs. They range from tight and compact, to decent, palm-sized logs. It all depends on the batch, which can also vary in strain effects due to its hybrid nature.
The worst you might feel from a puff of Trainwreck is dry mouth and eyes. Time dilation may also occur the higher the dose, so start small and see how you feel and how it handles. The last thing you’d want to do when looking for pain relief or a euphoric feeling is smoke too much, go overboard and land yourself in a state of paranoia or confusion. But that’s just a warning for first-timers! Go ahead and try the strains that interest you, and experiment to get the best results.
Medically speaking, many patients have sought Trainwreck for stress relief and to alleviate symptoms of depression. Migraines, arthritis, and joint pain are other ailments that may find peace after a few tokes. Others have found relief from eye pressure and fatigue, with Trainwreck being a top choice among medical patients. Many feel it to be a very euphoric high, and long-lasting. One user claims to feel “as if I am living my life in 3rd person, it kinda just unstressed everything in your current life.” I agree completely. With the experience of time moving strangely, or even backwards, it’s easy to separate from yourself and the causes of stress for just a little while.
You may feel hazed from indica-strong batches, but otherwise, look forward to a lack of fatigue and soreness. Others feel great increase in creativity and mental clarity, even leading to self-empowerment. I recall feeling like I could complete all of my projects, and even start new ones with fleshed out ideas and real, achievable goals. One user says, “I was even able to pass trigonometry while stoned.” So if that’s not indication of Trainwreck’s magical powers, I don’t know what else to say.
Chemical makeup
TCH: 12-21%
CBD:  0.02-0.1%
CBN: 0-0.03%
CBG: 0.3-1.2%
THCV: 0.03-0.2%
CBC: 0-0.03%
CBL: 0-0.3%
β-Linalool: 0-0.1%
β-Myrcene: 0-0.4%
a-Pinene: 0-0.2%
D-Limonene: 0-0.5%
β-Caryophyllene: 0-0.4%