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History Of Hemp Wick

Hemp has been used mankind since ancient times. It hasn’t outlived it’s usefulness yet. hemp is still used to create textiles and to assist stoners. That’s right, hemp wick is still heavily utilized by weed smokers and for good reasons.
Hemp wick is usually made with wax and hemp. The strands can be ignited and will burn slow. The lit hemp wick is often used in place of a butane lighter. If you’re not already on the hemp wick bandwagon here’s five reasons you should join.

1. Protect Your Fingers

One main reason people use hemp wick is to protect your hands. The angle it takes to light a bowl might burn unseasoned smokers fingers. Not to mention the striking wheel will leave your fingers torn up. Thats a nono for anyone trying to hide their smoking habit from a parent or loved one. Burned and cut up fingers make it obvious that youre a smoker. Lighting bowls properly can take some getting used to but hemp wick makes it easier.
You can also help a friend who doesn’t usually smoke by lighting their bowl for them with hemp wick. Trying to light a bowl for someone else with a lighter can get awkward. With hemp wick, you can reach the bowl from a distance and light it. Additionally, this can be useful when trying to light the bowl of a 3 foot or bigger bong. It’ll be hard to reach on your own but with some hemp wick you can light it yourself.

2. Better at cornering bowls

Hemp wick is useful for that one friend who never learned to corner a bowl. If you’re trying to light a bowl outdoors the wind might make you light the whole bowl on accident. With hemp wick, light the end, and let it burn for about 5 seconds. Then quickly twist the wick to put out the flame. Afterwards, you should have a bright red cherried wick which can be used to corner bowls to perfection. You won’t accidentally light more than you need if you’re using this method instead of an open flame.

3. Smoother than using a butane lighter

Try a bong rip with the method mentioned above, then try one with a butane lighter. Let us know, which is smoother, we already know the answer is the hemp wick. There’s no butane to irritate your throat and lungs so you’ll find bong rips with hemp wick to be much more enjoyable.

4. Safer than using a butane lighter

Inhaling butane can be harmful to the throat and lungs. Fortunately, in small amounts the worst it can do is irritate. On the other hand, too much butane inhalation can lead to sudden sniffing death syndrome. Even if it’s just to avoid constantly irritating your throat and lungs, you’re probably better off using hemp wick over a butane lighter.

5. Less wasteful than a butane lighter

By being able to corner bowls better, you’ll be wasting less weed than you need to be. Furthermore, you won’t be contributing as much to waste and pollution. When you’re finished with your hemp wick there isn’t plastic and metal to dispose of like a bic lighter. The product literally gets burned away and it’s less toxic for the environment than butane when burned.
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