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Meeting up with a pot dealer can be a shady or outright annoying experience. If you’ve ever been handed your dub wrapped in a paper towel you know what we’re talking about. Outside of dispensaries you’re more likely to get skimped and lied to. Not everyone has the luxury of giving a 1 star rating and taking their business to the next dispensary. For the rest, here are some tips on how to better deal with a pot dealer.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag)

Bring your own bag. Smelly proof bags are good for containing the smell of dank so you can get your bud home without snitching on yourself on the way. If you get pulled over and the only thing containing the smell of your weed is a brown paper bag, you’re going to have a bad time. If you live with people who don’t approve of your habits, you will also have a bad time. So, bring a smell-proof bag or container when visiting your dealer.

Get A Scale

If you’re just buying for personal use a scale at your home is like a $20 lie detector test. It’s better to leave your scale at home so you don’t look like a dealer yourself. After picking up and bringing your bud home successfully, weigh it out. Make sure it’s equal to or greater than to the amount you paid for. If it’s any less you can confront your dealer via text. If they try to blame you or refuse to compensate you in anyway find a new guy. If they make it right, you can keep giving them your business but keep them in check.

Check The Product Out

Don’t just get tossed a bag and peel off. Unless you got it for a discount you’re going to want to check the quality. Most dealers claim they got the fire but if it’s a bag of brown nugs they’re obviously lying. Check for kief, make sure it’s not a bag of shake unless you agreed to buy shake. Frosty nugs and dank smells are good signs. If it doesn’t smell or it’s dry it shouldn’t be the price of top shelf. At this point you can tell them you’re not interested or that it’s not worth the premium price they were asking for.

Read The Signs

Dealers who won’t ever scale things out in front of you are a bit shady. If they won’t let you inspect it that is another red flag. If you ask them what it is and they never know they probably don’t care that much about weed. Pot dealers don’t attract too much drama, but if they’re dealing other drugs you should stay away.
Good signs include a dealer who always know their strain. They can tell you whether it’s a hybrid, sativa, or indica. These guys are a bit more committed to the plant than people just pushing whatever comes their way for the lowest number.

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