Trim Run Vs Nug Run Dabs

You may or may not have heard the terms trim run and nug run. If you live in a state with legalized marijuana you may have seen these terms printed on the label of extracts at your local dispensary. The nug run labels should have a higher price than the trim run labels. We’ll go over the differences between the two and how to make sure you’re not paying nug run price for trim run. In some places trim run is less than half the price of nug run so if you’re getting trim you should make sure that you’re paying trim prices.
Nug Run Extracts
Users report better flavor from extracts made with full marijuana nugs. The better flavor combined with the higher cost of using full nugs over trim explains the higher prices. If you’re a regular user of concentrates you’ll be able to tell the difference between trim run and nug run. If you’ve been paying more for nug run you’ll be happy to know it was not just for the hype.
Trim Run Extracts
Trim run extracts are less expensive because some marijuana manufacturers are recycling what would normally be waste. If you were hoping trim run was just as good as nug run without the hype, we may disappoint you. However, when it comes to potency there is not enough evidence to say whether trim run will get you any less high than nug run would.
How To Tell The Difference
Smell it.
You should bring your concentrate really close to your nose and take a big whiff of it. If you don’t smell much of anything you’re probably dealing with extracts that were made from trim. However, if your nose gets smacked by a cloud full of¬†dankness, you’ll know for sure that your oils originated from a nug.
Taste it.
By doing a dab of your concentrate you should be able to guess whether it was made with trim or nugs. Several users report a chlorophyll taste from trim run extracts. Nug run is usually flavorful and smoother on the throat and lungs. This is because nugs are the most trichome and terpene-rich part of the cannabis plant. One user said that trim run gave them a peppery feeling in their mouth and throat. If you can get past this taste, it may be in your best interests to save money and purchase trim run extracts.
In Conclusion
If you’re paying top dollar for nug run extracts, make sure you’re not tasting chlorophyll. Also see if you can smell before you buy, follow your nose. You don’t want to pay sixty dollars for a gram of mislabelled trim. Oil snobs beware of any concentrates that do not smell because they’re likely made with trim. The regulations in some states allow companies to get away with mislabelling so your nug run might just be some false advertising. We hope the information in this guide was enough to help you find the right concentrates for you.

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