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A notable increase in the medical cannabis market took place in New York over the last few months. The states MMJ patients list went from 62,256 on July 10 to 73,417 as of September. Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed legislation permitting medical cannabis to be utilized as an alternative to dangerous opioids. The opioid epidemic claims the lives of more than a hundred Americans every day. The United States has a small percentage of the global population, yet they consume more than 80% of the world’s opioids. These statistics are staggering and dangerous.
Opioid addiction has crippled every corner of the country. Major cities are not the only ones falling victim. Small rural towns across America have become plagued with sickness, disease, and death because of opioid addictions. These addictions are being fueled and facilitated by the very individuals so many people trust with their lives. Their doctors! Doctors have made insurmountable profits along with insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies over the last several decades handing out prescriptions like candy on Halloween.
Like so many other states in America, New York is being crippled by the opioid epidemic. The new legislation allows the implementation of emergency regulations from the New York State Health Department. The new legislation not only enables medical cannabis to be utilized as an alternative too dangerous opioid prescriptions. It also allows for treatment of opioid addiction using medical cannabis. This legislation has already resulted in an 18% increase in the state’s registered MMJ patients.

A Lack of Access To Medical Cannabis Is What Seem To Stall Progress

New York has been under scrutiny for their stringent laws against smokable and edible cannabis products. Small steps are progress, but we would hope that those we vote into political office would have the ability to read and comprehend reports.
Information released and published by NIH, JAMA, and other leading authorities all verify cannabis as a medicine. A lot of this research has been taken place since the early 1990s. For a politician today to state that more research is needed when it comes to cannabis is like them saying they can’t read.
Adult use or recreational cannabis laws are being considered for the state of New York. The current Democratic Governor of New York was known to be a stern opponent against cannabis legalization. However, it would seem that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has the will of the people placed above a private agenda. This is much like that of the 1940s Mayor LaGuardia.
New York could stand to be the big apple on the block when it comes to cannabis sales. It is a major tourist destination and a business hub for the world. It would seem that with lawmakers in the state warming up to positive cannabis reform that adult retail/recreational cannabis sales may be a real thing for New York in the not so distant future.
As it stands though, thanks to these recent changes, the New York medical cannabis program is on the track to saving thousands of lives.

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