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Alright, people, let’s talk blunts vs joints. We all have our own personal opinions here, but only 1 is right: mine and those that agree with me. So for anyone wondering, the answer is blunts. Blunts are better than joints and there are multiple reasons why:

1. Blunts Burn Longer

Blunts burn way longer than joints, and you never have to relight them. One spark up and that thang’s riding until the very end. That doesn’t happen with blunts. You smoke half of it, and then the other half is just ashtray decoration because it becomes a light-the-joint-every-time-you-hit-it kind of situation. If I wanted to do that I’d just get a pipe/bong.

2. Blunts Are Easier To Roll

I’m at the point where I can twist a J no problem, but in my early days, boy were they an impossible feat. Zig zags twisting all over the place, weed fall out on the floor, it’s a real task to roll a joint when you’ve never done it before. Or even when you have done it before. Blunts though? Little saliva and a properly rolled mouthpiece can take you a long way.

3. Blunts Don’t Get Wet Often/As Much

There’s nothing worse than someone getting the mouth of the blunt wet. It’s like “Dog…Are you serious with this right now?” You have to throw the lighter on there then monitor every hit they take for the rest of the session. It’s annoying. But that doesn’t happen as often with blunts as it does with joints. Pass a J to someone with the moist mouth and it immediately becomes a Pixy Stix. No one wants that.

4. Blunts Are Better For Sharing

Blunts are way better for sharing than joints because reason #1 above. The factor of burning longer enables you have a blunt session without worrying about where the blunt is, how long someone’s had it, and how long someone’s talking while the ganja burns into the air frivolously. Sure, you don’t want anyone to do these things, but I’m just saying, they’re less of a problem when you know the blunt is going to burn for a minute. Joints though? It’s like “Hey, pass, smoke, pass, smoke, ahhhh man, it’s already done.”

5. The High Lasts Longer

I haven’t researched the science on this, but I feel like blunts get me way higher and for way longer than joints. It could be that small bit of tobacco in the wrap, but whenever I smoke a blunt, I’m high for hours upon hours. When I smoke a joint, however, I feel like I’m stoned, but not on a level that makes me feel stuck. Again, haven’t researched this, but I have field tested it. Same thing, right?

6. You Can Find Blunts At Any Gas Station

There’s nothing more annoying than needing some rolling materials that aren’t readily available at your nearest gas station. Have you seen the rolling papers selection at most 7-Elevens? Garbage, son. They always have some trash ass JOBs or some little ass zig zags that won’t do the trick for Big Smokers like us. They never have Raw papers, or King Size anything. Blunt wraps though? You can find some Swisher Sweets or some White Owls at any gas station you come across. That’s a guarantee.

7. You Can Fit More Weed In A Blunt

Sometimes you want to roll a Grammer Jammer and that doesn’t always fit in a joint. For those wondering, a Grammer Jammer is a blunt that requires an entire gram or it ain’t bout shit. You can’t roll one of those in papers though. I mean, you can, but it’s not going to hold up like a blunt. And what if you want to get extra and excessive with it by throwing even more in there? Which rolling device offers you more breathing room? Huh? Which? Exactly.

8. Rihanna Smokes Blunts

End of discussion.

2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Blunts > Joints

    Blunts are better man!

    I smoke backwoods and there no doubt about it the best

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