If there’s one thing all weed enthusiasts agree on, it’s they want it nice and simple. Sometimes, getting into a smoking session can be such a hassle. You have to unpack your supply, grind it, then assemble it into a joint. If you like using a bong or hookah, that’s another process of setting up before you can blaze up. It’s definitely not something you can easily do when you’re in public or in a busy environment. This is probably why many smokers prefer to have sessions within the comforts of their homes. 

Luckily, one hitters have been invented to remedy this common dilemma.

What Is A One Hitter?

A one hitter is a small, straight pipe with a weed chamber on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. This smoking device looks similar to a cigarette and can hold about 25 milligrams of weed. That amount is perfect for a single puff or hit, thus the name ‘one hitter.’

In recent years, this wonder pipe has become a favorite among smokers due to its portability, discreetness, and overall convenience. However, many users also complain about the drawbacks of its simple design. For one, its tube is usually made of thin glass, which makes it extremely prone to breakage and overheating. It can also be a pain to clean and maintain.

The Dart: Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Thankfully, the DART was created to finally put an end to smokers’ love-hate relationship with one hitters. It’s the ultimate answer to the changing demands of the modern weed enthusiast.

If you’re curious about how the DART one hitter is revolutionizing the weed-smoking experience, read on.

  1. Made Of Aircraft Material

The DART’s tube is engineered from an anodized aluminum sheet, which is usually used to build aircrafts. Aluminum is lightweight but sturdy, so it doesn’t easily break from impact. Unlike traditional one hitters, it also doesn’t corrode or degrade from regular wear. 

Additionally, the aircraft-grade alloy is a great insulator against heat, so you never have to worry about skin burns or exploding pipes.

  1. Perfect For Stealth Smoking

As the debate and controversy regarding marijuana legalization rage on, it’s normal for users to be wary of smoking in public places. Even in states where recreational use of weed is allowed, not everyone may be comfortable with you openly blowing out smoke around them. 

With the DART, you can have a quick hit from its lowkey tube without attracting any attention. Since it’s only good for a single puff, you won’t be exhaling too much smoke. The best part is that the chamber is completely odor-proof, so no one would know what you’re up to.

  1. Has A Self-Cleaning System

When you’re done smoking, you can simply press the button near the mouthpiece to eject the ash. How cool does that sound? 

Gone are the days when you have to poke and swab the tube with a cleaning tool to get rid of ash buildup. Such a traditional way of cleaning, by the way, damages the lining of the tube and causes resin particles to shred. If you’ve ever tried puffing from your old one hitter and felt like it was clogged, that’s most likely because resin buildup was blocking the airflow. 

Such a cleaning nightmare would never happen with the DART, though. In fact, the DART can be completely disassembled for a more thorough cleaning. It’s the first and only weed hitter yet that offers this unique feature. This prevents the formation of bacteria and other harmful elements that could damage your health if inhaled into your lungs.

  1. Same High, Less Weed

The DART is specially engineered for microdosing, which refers to the process of consuming small amounts of a substance over a period of time. In this case, small doses of weed are consumed through the DART throughout the day. This process creates a chemical balance that gives the same effect as a one-off big smoking session, but with way less weed used. This is made possible by the special tube design that ensures that each hit is adequately concentrated. Thanks to this, you don’t have to smoke uninterruptedly just to chase that feeling of being high.

Microdosing also prevents wastage that’s common in traditional smoking methods. Take for example, rolling a blunt. It’s inevitable for some of the contents to fall or break off while you’re sorting your articles or even while you’re rolling it. As you reach the end of your blunt, you’re forced to throw away the ‘stump.’ Thus, microdosing not only helps you conserve your supply, you also get to save a lot of money, time, and energy that a full-blown session usually requires. 

  1. You Have Full Control

The DART makes it easy for you to keep track of how much weed you consume. This is especially helpful if you’re trying out weed for the first time, have low tolerance, or simply trying to budget your supply. 

Since the chamber has a specific limit on the amount you can load, it eliminates the possibility of over smoking. If you smoke with a joint, hookah, or bong, it’s hard to quantify how much weed goes into a single session. Hence, this makes the DART the more practical and economical option.

  1. Safe And Sleek

One important reason why smokers prefer one hitters is that it saves them from dealing with open flames. With the DART, there’s zero possibility of fire-related accidents or injuries. You can carry it around without imposing danger on anybody. In fact, you can even flaunt it for everyone to see because it looks stylish enough to be an accessory–it comes in different shapes and colors that give off a premium vibe. You can also replace the canister or purchase a carry pouch for safekeeping.

Hitting The Bullseye With The DART

Whether you’re looking for your first one hitter, trying to make a switch, or wanting to add to your weed hitter collection, the DART is the perfect choice for you. It’s the ultimate solution to all common smoking problems, especially when it comes to durability, maintenance, and efficiency. There’s really no wonder why its fanbase in the weed scene keeps growing by the day.

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