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  1. Avatar05 Aug

    A pretty solid list. I would say that Pineapple Express manages to neatly sidestep the ‘stoner movie’ cliche by actually being a great film. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

    Guardians of the Galaxy,
    8 Mile,
    Falling Down,
    Batman and Robin,
    The Princess Bride,
    American Beauty,
    Penguins of Madagascar,
    Cloud Atlas

  2. Avatar09 Jan

    Across the Universe, I highly recommend it

  3. Avatar21 Jun
    Brad Kinney

    I would recommend checking out the page ‘Baked Potatoes’ on facebook. It’s ‘high’ reviews, written by a bunch of guys who get baked and watch movies, then give them ratings. It’s great

  4. Avatar06 Aug

    If you like reggae, I highly recommend Babylon directed by Franco Rosso

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