Winter has arrived and so has our holiday gift guide.

Are you still struggling to find something for the cannabis lover in your life? Maybe they already have everything you could think to get them. Rest assured, you aren’t alone. Because of how ubiquitous cannabis use is becoming, there is no single item for every stoner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect gift for your loved ones.
We scoured the internet and dispensaries to find out what the most useful gifts available are. After loads of research (and lots of snacks) we think we found the best out there. This holiday gift guide has a products with a range of prices and broad appeal.
Some items in this holiday gift guide are cheap while others are extravagant. We wanted to ensure that everyone could find something that would show a lot of thought and effort to the recipient. We didn’t feature items like papers and lighters since they are kinda impersonal and transitory although some products may come with them.
The best gifts are ones that become part of everyday life for years. So we tried to focus our items on things that will be useful over the long term. You can be sure that the entries on this holiday gift guide will be used for years to come.

So here is our picks to fill out our 2017’s holiday gift guide.

  1. Gaming Weed Tray

holiday gift guideThere are a lot of retro gamers in the cannabis community. If the stoner in your life grew up with a controller in their hands, they are sure to love this kit. The tray is perfect for rolling joints and blunts with product prepared in the Pokeball grinder. And the Nintendo themed lighters will help you smoke ’em all after you are done loading/rolling.

  1. Davinci IQ Dry Herb Vaporizer


The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer provides a new level of customization to the vaporization experience. Using Smart Path technology to provide the exact temperature and timing adjustments means that you can tailor the experience to perfectly fit your needs. The vaporizer also connects through an app to your smartphone for even more customization.
This advanced vaporizer is the ideal gift for the person who loves tech, often outperforming even custom vape setups. But that doesn’t mean it is difficult to use. The intuitive design means that even the techno-challenged can find the perfect vaping experience. The Smart path technology also ensures that every hit is cool and delicious.

  1. Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

2017 Stoner GiftsThere are a lot of reasons to use a Smokebuddy that don’t involve smoking in your parents house. People in the medical field, trucking and other fields can get into hot water for simply smelling like weed. And many medical patients don’t want to smell like burned weed all day.
The Smokebuddy is wonderfully portable and completely self contained. Simply take a hit like normal before exhaling into the device. The filter absorbs all odors before expunging neutral-smelling air on the other side. This means that there is no signature smell like you get from using dryer sheets or Fabreeze.

  1. Eyce Bong Mold

You know what is great in winter but only gets better as the weather gets warmer? An ice bong made with the Eyce Mold 2.0. This novel approach to cooling smoke is simply amazing. Top the mold off with water, place it somewhere it can freeze, and pop out a frigid bong ready for the coolest hits you have ever had.
The mold is reusable and made of resilient material so you can make a new bong every day of the year. or you can empty the water and pop the piece back in the freezer to use again later. This party piece is especially awesome for patients or enthusiasts who care about flavor and love cold hits.

  1. Giant Bag of Weed Pillow Cover

No holiday gift guide is complete without a big bag of weed. This bag of weed won’t get you kicked out for smell pollution but it might just send you off to dreamland. And this is going to be the cheapest bag of weed you ever bought.
The perfect gift for the open stoner with a love of snugly things, this bag of weed will never run out. It even comes in different strains so you can get just the right one.

  1. Magical Butter Machine

holiday gift guideThe Magical Butter Machine is able to produce commercial quality butter, oil and tinctures easily and reliably. This machine is perfect for the baked baker of the family or patients who don’t like to smoke or vape. Users can make butter, oil and tinctures as potent/flavorful as they want with no extra hassle.
It makes the long, difficult and messy process of creating medical-grade edibles and streamlines it to three steps; fill the tub, turn it on, empty it when done. And the stainless steel construction makes cleanup a breeze.

  1. Goldleaf Strain Tasting Journal

Some cannabis connoisseurs love tracking their usage and the effects of the weed they consume. Breeders also find this a great way to document the changes in their garden over time. But even if your loved one isn’t OCD about keeping records, this gift can help them elevate their smoking experience. Full of graphics and organized to make information easily added and accessed help stoners keep track of what they liked or didn’t.
And if your loved one plans to take a vacation, this journal can help them relate the novel strains, dispensaries and events they find being a tourist. The 2 guided entries keeps things organized in an easy to carry package.

  1. Cannador Humidifier

It doesn’t take long for weed to dry out in the open air. So many stoners try strange and ingenious ways to keep their weed in peak smoking condition. Unfortunately, many of these methods (like adding citrus peel or bread to the bag) introduce molds and fungi that can destroy weed. Not only that, it is almost impossible to keep an eighth at the ideal humidity for smoking.
The Cannador finally makes preserving weed at the perfect humidity possible. This stylish humidifier creates a micro-environment designed to preserve quality and flavor of weed. And the fact that it comes in several sizes means that you can find one to fit any consumers needs.

  1. Growbox

With more and more states legalizing recreational marijuana consumption, the opportunities to grow weed at home continue to improve. And improvements in automation and growing science means that companies can finally provide a plug and grow experience. The Growbox is one of these solutions that works for everyone from novice to commercial growers looking for micro-controlled autonomy.
This complete growing solution has lots of extras that just make life better. The clean aesthetic fits discreetly into homes while providing enough room for one to four plants. Our favorite feature is the secure lock which ensures the plant stays out of the hands of children and roommates.

  1. 5mp Digital Microscope

This digital microscope is the perfect tool for cannabis and photography enthusiasts to get a good look at what they are smoking. Growers love that they can use the device to identify minuscule garden pests without having to squint. The USB connection means that the only limit on image size is your monitor.
The 5 megapixel camera means that individual trichomes show up in vivid detail. The 8 led lights mean the image is always well lit and the 20-200x magnification gives lots of range. No plant structure will remain hidden with this small and easy to move scope that can be used with the included stand or positioned by hand.

Did you find something for yourself or a loved one on this holiday gift guide? Was it a complete whiff? What gifts are you excited about giving or receiving this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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