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  1. Avatar19 Nov
    Dick Johnson

    I prefer a nice long yank while listening to some jazz but that’s just me.

    1. Avatar07 Apr
      sam dawg

      Yeah a good wank is the best bro

      1. Avatar27 Aug

        What’s “yank/wank”? M@sturbat!ng?

        1. Avatar28 Jun

          😮 oh no masturbaticon bad my mother say

  2. Avatar11 Dec

    Watching documentaries is always great, especially with cool visuals

    1. Avatar18 Dec
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Agreed, Caleb! Have you seen DMT: The Spirit Molecule or American: The Bill Hicks Story? Freakin’ great.

      1. Avatar17 Apr
        Lorraine Katena

        Watching your aquarium and talking to your fish……or singing to them….:)

  3. Avatar03 Feb

    My husband loves cosmos, the newer show on netflix. When he’s “chillin” , It really pulls you in!

    1. Avatar12 Feb

      The original is the best

      1. Avatar04 Oct

        What!why is your username “me”?,beacuse im high and thats the same comment i thought?

      2. Avatar27 Mar

        Is all these activities more good while we are sober

  4. Avatar07 Feb
    Harley of Dhampyr

    I just listen to Dhampyr music all day and look at grilling neighbors with a dark mien of suspicion and frame-worthiness.

  5. Avatar12 Feb

    Showering while high takes away a vast majority of that feeling. This list, kinda boo boo

    1. Avatar13 Nov
      Jesa Jaqua


    2. Avatar28 Jan

      When I shower and I listen to music and the same time its best time ever ! love dancing too

  6. Avatar12 Feb

    Playing videos games like Mario Kart and Batman stones is amazing, but even more so is Virtual Reality….. it is mind blowing! 🙂

    1. Avatar02 Dec

      Pft, VR will make you have a heart attack if you are high enough LOL.

  7. Avatar12 Mar
    jimmy k

    bike riding is cool, if you have an area where theres not a lot of traffic. reading some harry potter is cool, it makes you appreciate the creativity of jk rowling more. yes to jamming out! also, playing ssx 3/on tour/ or even tricky is great. also jet set radio future. chilling with dogs or cats while high makes me fee like theres more communication going on. also it makes it seem like you see humans for who they truly are, sometimes.

  8. Avatar04 Apr

    Videogame with friends is great man, unless they start talking trash and being an *** though, then it just ruins the moment. But u mostly covered it all, especially the one about appreciating the outdoors. WORD. Like, the earth is just so chill AF, but people always want more, which leads to problems, and just going outside and seeing what you were given, is just as much as I need. But again, good list of things man!

  9. Avatar10 Apr

    Id say going out with friends while camping and blowing joint now that’s good i did it once it was one of best moments in my life so we were hiking to top of a mountain then i blow one joint with one of my friends it was epic we both sat down on a huge rock on the mountain and you had to hear the sound of the wind… the breeze on the face the vast and beautiful view it was just….mind blowing you have to try it at least once!

  10. Avatar16 Apr

    Please make the favorite books to read while high and please edit “your” to “you’re welcome” after linking to the songs list.

    1. Avatar24 Apr

      yes I’d like to know too please.. “Room” is good, I think they made a movie based off of it. The one I’m reading now is “the pact”, I read it once already, 🙂 (Just as a suggestion)

      1. Avatar08 May
        Ben Neal (Listing owner)


        Ask and ye shall receive! Here ya go, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    2. Avatar08 May
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Thanks for catching the typo, b. And I did put together a book list, check it out here:


      Peace, my friend 🙂

  11. Avatar24 Apr

    I love this list. You’re on point with every single thing on this list. Cooking is fun to do, you can make healthy meals and they still taste just as good as shitty food, plus you don’t regret it listening soundscape type of music or native American music through head phones on and an eye mask if it’s during the day your bedroom floor.

    1. Avatar08 May
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Thanks Erica! Cooking is a great idea… only I’m terrible at it, ha ha. I love me some tribal music, too. Native chants, drums, flutes, they can really take you on a journey, am I right? 🙂

      1. Avatar29 Sep

        Bagpipes. Celtic music is amazing.

  12. Avatar28 Apr
    C a rlos

    My favorite thing to do wale I’m high is to smoke more weed.!

  13. Avatar09 May
    Ayush Jain

    A good laugh on simply everything was my first experience while I got stoned!!

  14. Avatar16 May

    About whole workout thing I don’t agree. I’m a casual bodybuilder and doing exercise while high Is personally not for me, I feel so weak I can barely do 20 push ups. I’m doing exercise each other day, maybe that’s why I don’t enjoy it high. anyway cheers.

    1. Avatar02 Jun

      I totally agree! Bodybuilding while stoned is a no no. I got mad headrush, but I also trained every other day too. But cardio is the best to do when blazed. A good pair of earphones with grrat music and the open road is heavenly. It feels like you’re running through through cloud. It’s like that Madonna music video for Love Profusion. It feels like paradise. But yes, any exercise that requires strength and weights I’d stay away from.

      1. Avatar29 Apr
        Mike Thompson

        Not my experience, interestingly!

        While on 10mg of Sativa, I was able to beat my deadlifting PR by going through the pain (which felt dull). I also beat my stationary bike record (but I’m a beginner).

        I think THC can be a great little helper to push you past a physical plateau, even when lifting weights.

    2. Avatar27 Aug

      I’ve done a traditional workout or two while high and they were ok, nothing great for me, however doing tai chi or chi gong while high was fantastic. I’ve gotten great insights into my form and the energy of the moves. Also hula hooping. I never thought I’d get very good at it but after some weed it just worked. With the narrowed perception(focus) weed gives me I can really feel the hoop on my body and react correctly. Also the flow while hooping to music can be trance-like.

    3. Avatar17 Apr

      I work out everyday and working out while high is actually enjoyable, as long as you are with friends. You can get a good laugh out of it once you realize what you are doing and it’s takes your mind off of craving all the junk food that you want when you get the munchies.

    4. Avatar26 Aug
      Abba swapp

      Don’t smoke it while exercising just put it in a meal once the meal is done ✅ add some weed inside and you will be very energetic full of confidence and still be high for hours infact it last longer when you eat weed I mean highness. Guys give this a try and thank me later

  15. Avatar21 May

    I got high and attempted to read a book… That failed. I ended up drawing with colored pencils. I love this list

  16. Avatar23 May

    playing video games is amazing while high, it tops reading a book and watching a movie, and im not talking about Call of duty, or an onlune game, an actual story driven game, or a free roam open world game, Fallout 4 and GTA 5 are so insane free roam and story, i just played the whole Far harbor DLC, high for 12 hours straight, its thrilling, hearing the music, the sounds of the monsters in the distance, your footsteps below your feet, the sound of a radiation storm. you really get caught up in the game and you care so much about the decisions you make, i’m a type of person that gets high by myself a fair bit, the only things on the list i haven’t done high is get or give a massage, and have sex, but reading a book and watching a movie is just not as intense as playing a game, honestly that is something to really thing about doing.

  17. Avatar26 May

    Best thing to do when your stoned is to order a takeaway and watch your favourite movie whilst cuddled up with your loved one. Sex to is great and most sensual moments do have with your partner.

  18. Avatar21 Jun

    I once went to a circus after 3 or so joints.
    And it was the best experience of my life lol.
    Trust me

    1. Avatar25 Jan

      omg hahaha this is perfect. dead.

  19. Avatar08 Jul

    I’ve always liked smoking a substantial quantity in the car outside an art museum and going in just when the buzz hits. The buzz amplifies the aesthetic experiences of the art, putting you refreshingly into another head space. A lot of it is eye candy; the different colors are like flavors. Some of it just deliciously weird. I usually smuggle in some candy to enjoy another sense simultaneously.

  20. Avatar12 Jul

    I like to peacefully search the Internet with articles about what to do when your stoned.

    1. Avatar31 Aug

      Metoo, metoo.

  21. Avatar19 Jul

    Skateboarding feels fucking amazing and some of my best skate sessions have been while high. Also your not usually scared to try new things. If your too fucked up its not the best idea, but it could still be fun.

  22. Avatar26 Jul

    I’m super high and the sex part made me really horny

    1. Avatar26 Jul

      Lolz, that ‘s what weed tends to do to me.
      As soon as I begin to think of something sexual related.
      It’ s on!

  23. Avatar31 Jul


  24. Avatar31 Jul
    Mohammed Ramz

    I’ve found studying good while stoned. Learning the difference between Manual, Automatic and Automated Manual gearboxes was quite complicated, till I attempted it stoned. Info has never left me since. A-Level Maths and Physics grades got a boost through the herbs too. . Then again might be Just me.

    1. Avatar25 Nov

      Yes. I took the ACT high and it landed me full ride to a four-year college. I’m now a couple semesters away from a Biology degree, still on full ride scholarship.

      1. Avatar30 Apr

        That is a complete lie

  25. Avatar09 Aug
    Phesix Rutherford

    the infocomercials are a pretty good stuff when u’re stoned but you understand the subtle plan of them. there’s a whole new level of reality undestanding. bbye

  26. Avatar26 Aug

    Smoke a blunt and watch the news..well I got four kids so you can’t hear shit but f*** it roll up another one and watch finding nemo

  27. Avatar28 Aug

    Watch “that’s 70’s show” it’s great to do (currently on netflix)

  28. Avatar01 Sep

    Yeah, top thing to do on the list missing …. read this site and the some comments people make is hilarious. … I mean, you have to be stoned to say the least to think that “bike riding is cool” … I mean it’s hilarious… Who the F*** would go on a bike ride while being stoned ! I mean I can understand “having a wank” but i’d think you’d have to be pretty light on it to manage that …. I mean, I’d need about a whole weekend all stoned to manage that….

    Truth is that most people engage into something deeper, and find that aspect of smoking weed more interesting. Speaking and laughing with people, surfing the web and finding the weirdest of sites (I mean weedreader), looking at youtube videos of a kangaroo giving birth, that’s what I think is the positive effect of this substance, you chill out, take it easy, have a laugh, see, read and speak shit and then Goodnight, See you later or something like that

  29. Avatar02 Sep

    all that shit about sex is real bro…..so true.
    thats on my list anyday im getting high

  30. Avatar19 Sep
    polash lahon

    getting hiGh ,,i can fly with the clouds…..its gud….NVR GVE UP GANJA….

  31. Avatar29 Sep

    Personally never got into the green, but the brown is fucking amazing, rolling 0.33 grams gets me pretty high up.
    But if I feel really balsy and going for 0.5g plus, what I personally love to do is sit in the passenger side of a car, shut my eyes and listen to music. One song that’s really nice to hear is “Wind of change”. If you’re really deep into your high, the whistling in the song puts colours into your mind, I kid you not.
    Also, hanging out with friends and smoking together can be amazing, say share a gram between ye, 3-5 peeps.
    And as soon as one person starts giggling, you’ll loose your shit too.
    I remember trying to keep my face straight as hell, meeting someone for the first time, shaking their hand before bursting into laughter in their face. It was real embarrassing, but oh god as soon as I started, the rest wouldn’t stop.

  32. Avatar16 Oct

    Try to disentangle the wires of your earphone…it’s real fun

  33. Avatar23 Oct

    What to do for come out of weed
    Urgently any tips pleaze

  34. Avatar05 Nov
    Burton Rothmann

    Try to slack line while high. It is a great way to let your mind go and let your body take control for a change. Let your body just be your body and your mind just be your mind. My Saturday’s is driving out to the mountains. Starting a fire, start smoking some of that good-looking, put up a slack line, hacky sack and hike up the mountain while listening to some good music.

  35. Avatar15 Nov
    Rick Ross

    do pretty much all that already every day when high oops hahaha

  36. Avatar18 Nov

    Snowboarding, seriously so great when your baked, riding in powder feeling like your floating over big fluffy clouds, not to mention falling down in it feels like clouds as well 😀

  37. Avatar20 Nov

    I remember once waking and my headphone fell on my shoulder, tripped me out making me think a snake fell on my shoulder.

  38. Avatar03 Jan

    Well, one more thing can be added to the list. And this is for those who are more rational and login with their approach towards their life and love science & puzzles. And that is , when you’re stoned start playing Chess or Sudoku.
    You’ll be astonished to find out what a genius you are! You’ll complete the games much before even you know it.

  39. Avatar09 Jan

    Post some crazy sh*t on facebook and chat to more people while listening to some Wiz Khalifa sh*t… Does it for me. My personal favorite Wiz song is titled “so high”. Try it. It’ll do as it says- get you so high. Turn the volume up to max, grab some snacks and get typing.
    Also, if you’re a guy like me, initiate conversations with more beautiful laddies with big butts (coz I love me some thickness) whom you know you can meet up in person… Crazy sh*t I tell ya

  40. Avatar21 Jan

    +1 for stoned Spongebob Squarepants movie. All about them bubbles.

  41. Avatar22 Feb

    what i do when i’m stoned is watch either of these 2 youtube links. one is a clip from Disney’s jungle book and what it does is make me feel like i’m being hypnotised. the second is a clip from the start of the order of the phoenix harry potter which shows the dementors. when i’m stoned and watch this I feel like my soul isbeing sucked out of me XD. Try it and see if it works on you. here are the links and for Copyright reasons I will say that I DO NOT own these videos. all ownership goes to appropriate companies!!!!.

    Kaa hypnosis first person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWxWWgStpU8


    Harry and Dudley are attacked by the dementors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTzbAhj5NPM.

    enjoy 🙂

    1. Avatar17 Nov

      omg lmao

  42. Avatar02 Mar
    g dog

    Honestly stretching while high is great. Its just stretching so its no commitment type activity and it feels so great as if I can just keep stretching forever. It’s the next best thing after getting a massage. I feel so much looser and more relaxed after. I might be overestimating bc i just had a good stretch and I’m am fully blazed

  43. Avatar24 Mar

    I have a few suggestions—

    Do stuff you would do as a kid. You’ll remember good times. Skiing, snowboarding, doing silly things, innocent pranks, etc.

    I love the walks through Nature though. Those are the best….I simply cannot describe anything better–also, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is or what the weather is like…

    It’s fun to enjoy in all circumstances.

    Walking through the laundry detergent aisle at grocery stores….

    treating yourself and/or friends to a well made cup of coffee

    Cleaning…there is always cleaning. Feels zen-like, cleaning whilst high. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You will feel like a god when your place is clean….that everything there…is for you. Well, it is, but this is your domain…and it is awesome when it is clean. For me, it allows me to clear my mind and thoughts, when my surroundings are clean, which is why I can completely clear my thoughts walking in nature.

    I actually have not tried #1 in a long time….last time I did it, well, technically, I was with some friends, driving, it was dark, and we had the sound system going, which was nice. Nice tunes…I do like meditation and lucid dreaming (it’s basically what I live for), so I’ll have to try that.

    Lastly, playing a video game that you’re really good at sober, but you don’t notice the subtleties. A fast paced game like cs:go whilst high will show you every unconscious move you normally do sober, but pronounced, so you actually notice it and do it consciously. This just makes it easier to get better at the game.

    Cheers, and thanks

  44. Avatar28 Mar

    Like! this is a great page.

  45. Avatar17 May

    I love to masturbate, hearing music and eating food at the same time. I feel like am in wonderland.

  46. Avatar26 May

    I listened to the Alien: Covenant soundtrack all the way through while high and it was an absolutely amazing experience. Beautiful and intense score.

  47. Avatar06 Jul

    i’ve been making my own cartoon in photoshop about a penguin who drinks 40s and an eskimo that is constantly smoking blunts and they go on adventures and meet people like spider-man and loc dog from dont be a menace to south central. cause there’s not enough good stoner cartoons out there. masterbating gets pretty boring.

  48. Avatar31 Aug

    A good movie is called blackhole its a really crappy movie but if you just want to relax and listen to noise turn this movie on it feels great

  49. Avatar08 Sep


    Thanks again!

  50. Avatar26 Sep

    Flawless description…..thx

  51. Avatar21 Dec
    Damian Marley

    What I find super fun while high is high speed activity’s like skateboarding, four wheeler racing, and even swinging, and if you are stoned try brushing your teeth awhile staring into the mirror, ot seems like your hands moving 1000mph

  52. Avatar05 Jan

    Perfectly said.. i am all most living same life..
    having a good life …

  53. Avatar05 Jan

    does any one know what to do when getting high to much and get tachycardia and feeling too bad , how to control that ? and decease that feeling as soon as possible ? and take out what from the body what smoked

  54. Avatar05 Feb

    Actually enjoyed reading your list and then all comments. I’ve smoked infrequently since the late 70s because that allows one to get highest when one does smoke. If I smoke too frequently the below becomes less true. This is my personal list.

    1. Go to a rock concert with powerful music. And that does not just mean loud. Think Stones or Floyd or Zep.
    2. Freestyle rock dance. Well if one is already a dancer and knows how to move your feet like a jazz or tap dancer etc. It greatly enhances my dancing ability and performance because I can feel my body inside which is important. And I’m world class.
    3. Skiing. Long time advanced snow skier. Am also a rather strong smooth recreational bump skier something few other skiers are ever able to do well. And I have always been able to ski much better when freshly stoned.
    4. Sex. Well what is there to add? Yeah as a twentysomething once thought my calling in life was to be a rock star and little stud. That didn’t happen haha as life has a way of derailing what one wants to do.
    5. Eating intense sweet sugary candy. Look I’m a thin BMI 22 guy never a weight problem. Buy one of those packages of say grape Koolaide and pour the whole package into a single glass of cold water, mix it well, then enjoy. Also eating a whole box of fine chocolates with your girl date could soon end up with #4.
    6. Hike out to an awesome place in nature, like a rocky ocean shore, an alpine mountain lake, a stream in a quiet place, a green redwood forest, a field of spring wildflowers, kick back and partake.
    7. Walk miles thru urban streets while wearing headphones/earphones blasting classic rock tunes.

  55. Avatar08 Feb
    Johnny Dab

    Love to hit the dab rig and start cooking. I find it helps me find my inner chee and lets me cook some great food.

  56. Avatar18 Feb

    i am high right now and talking on the phone to andy and it is so funny. he doesn’t want to say anything.

  57. Avatar24 Feb

    Seriously just reading this page while high was awesome just imagining myself doing each one haha

  58. Avatar19 Dec

    I’m so high right now, and i found site where you can hookup someone for sex. Hook and sex right now! Check This Out http://bit.ly/highookups

  59. Avatar04 Apr
    Karien Short

    Hahaha this is great… But i have to say… Never watch avatar while stoned…. That shit is confusing hahaa….

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