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  1. Avatar15 Sep

    Thank you for this.

    1. Avatar15 Sep
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Glad you enjoyed it, Stanley!

  2. Avatar15 Sep

    This is really cool. I feel like you might enjoy the song The Music Scene by Blockhead. It’s a fun one to smoke to. I’d recommend the video as well.

    1. Avatar15 Sep
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Thanks Tyler! I definitely dig “The Music Scene,” very groovy and richly layered. And the video might be the trippiest thing I’ve seen this year, ha ha!

  3. Avatar20 Nov

    try listening to marijuana by chrome sparks. Name says it all…

  4. Avatar06 Mar

    Thank you 😀 a great selection

  5. Avatar22 Mar

    Where’s Sublime – doin time

  6. Avatar28 May

    snoop n khalifa slowrap combination best choice

  7. Avatar31 May


  8. Avatar15 Jun

    Also a really good song that I got by accident is “trial of tears – dream theater” that is some good stuff when you are high and with earphones is like magic. You should give it a try, plus it lasts 13 minutes so you get a long long trip.

  9. Avatar18 Jun

    Nah , scarlet begonias by sublime

  10. Avatar18 Jun

    How tove lo – habits (stay high) is not in this list? A must to listen while stoned, song

  11. Avatar04 Jul

    L$D A$AP Rocky and Lit Wiz Khalifa 100% the best songs to listened to when high

  12. Avatar15 Jul

    “Get you high today” — Kid Ink
    I listen to this song every time I smoke and it always hits the spot

  13. Avatar26 Jul

    nice list

  14. Avatar27 Jul
    Joris Vander Cammen

    I would add “electroglide into blue” from apollo440 the whole album is fantastically trippy. My personal favourites are the title song and “pain in any language”
    And the classic : Deep Purple – Child in time (long edit) is a must for this list. The marvellous singing combined with the tempo changes in this song make you feel like taking off, to fly in space.

  15. Avatar07 Jan
  16. Avatar18 Jan

    Vibes by Bryant Lamar is great too. Specifically Vibe & Jerry Springer, the roller coaster he takes you on is simply cosmic. You feel like you’re apart of the universe. Enjoy

  17. Avatar13 May

    Just wanted to point out that there are only 19 songs on this list. Song number 13 is missing.

    1. Avatar15 May

      Thanks for letting us know. We have corrected that!

  18. Avatar10 Jul

    forget that what about Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath.

  19. Avatar25 Jul

    You can have a totally unique smoking experience while listening to binaural beats. Usually it’s like annoying white noise but you can try the newest high-tech binaural meditation program combined with custom recorded 3D natural sounds, instrumentals and your own voice decoded into the track on https://synctuition.com/a/mihkel/, which sounds totally awesome. Especially with a joint. The first two 25-minute tracks are free to enjoy. Works great just before sleep too. Headphones are mandatory for the binaural effect.

  20. Avatar10 Jan

    “Stoned Out of My Room”, about trying to get a woman off your mind by smoking way too much weed!

  21. Avatar23 Apr

    “Breathe (in the air)” by Pink Floyd is fantastic and trippy as hell

  22. Avatar04 Aug
    Adam Struve

    I’m really, really happy you included The Mars Volta, and especially that sound, which is in my top 10 fav rock songs, I wouldn’t exactly call it punk though, anyhow, awesome song selection!

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