Music is one of those things that makes life worth living… and lighting up some sweet, skunky herb just makes it even better. A little weed can make even the worst song sound decent — and it can make a really good song sound downright amazing.
I know why you’re here. You’re in the mood to get high, kick back, and listen to some tunes… but you’ve listened to all your albums a hundred times. Radio is shit. And you’ve worn out all your favorite Pandora stations. You need some inspiration, fresh ideas, new material. You need some new songs to smoke to!
I got you.
I’ve put together this eclectic list of tracks, any of which would make the perfect soundtrack to your next smoke out. Unlike most other lists, these songs aren’t necessarily about smoking weed — they’re just excellent to listen to while you do. They’re pulled from all different genres, from jazz to country, hip-hip to stoner rock, so there should be a little something for everyone.
Some are classics, some are fairly obscure. Some are funky and upbeat, others mellow. Some are funny, some are heavy. Some feature brilliant, mind-blowing lyrics. Others are lush instrumental or electronic soundscapes; sonic oceans in which to immerse yourself, close your eyes, and drift away…
All of them are masterpieces in their own right. If you find even one song on this list that you haven’t heard — and really listened to — before, then do yourself a favor…
Get out your headphones and your best sticky-icky. Dim the lights, light up, breathe deep, and enjoy 🙂
1. Tame Impala — “Let It Happen”

Haunting vocals and a smooth beat. This is a great song to help get the bowls loaded. It even has just enough pep to keep things going after you surrender to the soundscape.
2. The Glitch Mob — “Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul”

Harkening back to the easy listening of the flower children, this is smooth electronic. Just enough variation to keep your mind right and has those floaty vibes that just make you want to dance.
3. Marian Hill – “Got It”

With a slow but strong baseline, Marian shows off her smoky and sultry voice. This track will wind its way into your brain like the THC coursing through your body. This is what I imagine a bong would say if it could talk.
4. Mos Def — “Sunshine”

This will hit you right in the feels. This song feels like a memorial of times past and will make any stoner  look for the sunshine.
5. Jimi Hendrix — “May This Be Love?”

The perfect pairing with a bong and some good indica. Jimi is a music legend and this is one of his best works. You can just feel the pressures of life roll off your back as this tune plays.
6. Return to Forever — “Earth Juice”

Coming straight out of the 70’s and full of electronic and synth sounds. This instrumental is perfect to have playing in the background while smoking with a friend. Good for keeping the conversation flowing.
7. Herbie Hancock — “Bubbles”

Sometimes you just want to snuggle up with your lover and roast a bowl before getting down on some hot love making. This is the perfect song to set a romantic mood.
8. Outkast — “Elevators (Me & You)”

Does weed make you slow down? This song feels like some good indica rolling over you. Solid lyrics and an R&B feel celebrating smoking weed and overcoming difficulty with the family.
9. Kendrick Lamar (ft. Gunplay) — “Cartoons & Cereal”

Don’t let the name fool you, this is an adult song. Hard hitting and dark at times, this is solid and intelligent rap. Kendrick brings the fire and smokes the competition with this one.
10. Stephen Marley — “Inna Di Red”

We all know Bob but have you heard his son? The legend lives on with this Marley masterpiece. This is Rasta as it should be.
11. The Beatles — “It’s All Too Much”

What stoner playlist would be complete without at least one entry from the Fab Four? This lighthearted track is one of the best for lighting up to. Lighthearted and full of cannabis references, it shows why they have remained so popular.
12. Band of Horses — “Blue Beard”

Slow and dreamy, this is perfect for curling up with a bowl and watch the snow fall. Great for reminiscing with old friends. It swells over you like a tide, gentle but insistent.
13. Afroman — “Because I got High”

We have all had work we know needs done but decided to put it off for later. Most of the time, our inner conscience (or outer repercussions) gets the better of us and we make it happen. Afroman accurately describes the results of following our inner slacker.
14. Sturgill Simpson — “Turtles All the Way Down”

This country tune is just right for relaxing and enjoying a sweet smoke after a hard day or dealing with haters. Those times when our patience is tested, we need this song mixed with a fat sack and a fresh pipe. Sit back, light up and embrace the sweet release.
15. Chet Atkins & Mark Knopfler — “Cosmic Square Dance”

This mostly instrumental soundscape is great with the lights off. Sit back and enjoy the cosmic trip through your mind as this energetic country tune plays. The rhythm is great for timing hits as well.
16. TAUK — “Mindshift”

This is electronica mixed with lounge music. Has a touch of jazz, techno and lots of soul. Just let that haunting guitar roll over you as the synth massages your eardrums.
17. The Mars Volta — Roulette Dares (The Haunt of)

Sometimes you just want to rage with a splif in hand. This punk song is just the right thing when the world seems overwhelming. Sometimes the best things in life are messy.
18. Down — “Nothing In Return”

This song really nails the hard rock vibe. The slow vocals offset the heavy bass and screaming guitar nicely. Just slow enough to be haunting but fast enough to be threatening. This song broods itself to greatness.
19. KOAN Sound — “Lost in Thought”

Sometimes you need to simply center yourself. This cosmic soundscape takes you through the universe at light speed. The slow rolling tones and keyboard/piano element combine to deliver track to really let your mind soar to new places.
20. John Coltrane — “In A Sentimental Mood”

We are going to finish this off with a nice jazz song. This tune carries all the glamour and mystery of a 1920’s speak easy. The smoky sax and lilting piano pair perfectly with a dab rig and some live resin. Life is short my friends, enjoy the good things.

25 thoughts on “20 Great Songs to Smoke To

    Thank you for this.

      Glad you enjoyed it, Stanley!

    This is really cool. I feel like you might enjoy the song The Music Scene by Blockhead. It’s a fun one to smoke to. I’d recommend the video as well.

      Thanks Tyler! I definitely dig “The Music Scene,” very groovy and richly layered. And the video might be the trippiest thing I’ve seen this year, ha ha!

    try listening to marijuana by chrome sparks. Name says it all…

    Thank you 😀 a great selection

    Where’s Sublime – doin time

    snoop n khalifa slowrap combination best choice


    Also a really good song that I got by accident is “trial of tears – dream theater” that is some good stuff when you are high and with earphones is like magic. You should give it a try, plus it lasts 13 minutes so you get a long long trip.

    Nah , scarlet begonias by sublime

    How tove lo – habits (stay high) is not in this list? A must to listen while stoned, song

    L$D A$AP Rocky and Lit Wiz Khalifa 100% the best songs to listened to when high

    “Get you high today” — Kid Ink
    I listen to this song every time I smoke and it always hits the spot

    nice list

    I would add “electroglide into blue” from apollo440 the whole album is fantastically trippy. My personal favourites are the title song and “pain in any language”
    And the classic : Deep Purple – Child in time (long edit) is a must for this list. The marvellous singing combined with the tempo changes in this song make you feel like taking off, to fly in space.

    Vibes by Bryant Lamar is great too. Specifically Vibe & Jerry Springer, the roller coaster he takes you on is simply cosmic. You feel like you’re apart of the universe. Enjoy

    Just wanted to point out that there are only 19 songs on this list. Song number 13 is missing.

      Thanks for letting us know. We have corrected that!

    forget that what about Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath.

    You can have a totally unique smoking experience while listening to binaural beats. Usually it’s like annoying white noise but you can try the newest high-tech binaural meditation program combined with custom recorded 3D natural sounds, instrumentals and your own voice decoded into the track on, which sounds totally awesome. Especially with a joint. The first two 25-minute tracks are free to enjoy. Works great just before sleep too. Headphones are mandatory for the binaural effect.

    “Stoned Out of My Room”, about trying to get a woman off your mind by smoking way too much weed!

    “Breathe (in the air)” by Pink Floyd is fantastic and trippy as hell

    I’m really, really happy you included The Mars Volta, and especially that sound, which is in my top 10 fav rock songs, I wouldn’t exactly call it punk though, anyhow, awesome song selection!

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