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  1. Avatar21 May

    Yes, as soon as I find where the ousted groups have set up, I’d join there, and than I’d cancel my YouTube account. This is all so wrong on so many levels. Cannabis education is needed so badly. Without a place to educate the public on Cannabis and it’s uses, people will suffer. Sick people, and people in pain need a resource to go to to find answers about Cannabis and the different ways it can help them.

  2. Avatar22 May

    I would totally migrate to another site. I like watching reviews and documentaries about cannabis. I think it is unfair considering all the other crap that is on there.

    1. Avatar06 Jun
      Anthony Powell

      You can go to cannamericanna.com and watch videos there. I created it for the cannabis community. There is a live chat that you can share links and emails with. Please check it out. Use Google drive to send videos up to 10gb large. It’s very easy.

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