The United States is a hotbed of exciting cannabis stocks. States from one ocean to the other are passing laws legalizing production, distribution and most importantly, taxation of marijuana. Yet the federal government still officially bans marijuana in all its forms.
This dual standard is a major challenge for the multi-billion dollar industry. Federal law makes it almost impossible to profit from weed in the traditional sense. But public opinion and state laws have shifted significantly in the last couple decades.
Despite many setbacks, the cannabis community is making great strides towards full legalization. One area of the canna-economy seeing amazing growth is the stock market. Current reform allows for a growing number of exciting cannabis stocks to benefit by taking advantage of the relative tranquility around marijuana. So we put together a list of the 5 best opportunities for investors right now.

MPX Bioceutical: Undervalued

Perfect strategic execution and leveraging in the most competitive marijuana markets across the U.S. are two reasons MPX Bioceutical Corp. (MPX.CN) (MPFEF) is so attractive. They even set a new personal record in early April with a $4 million revenue announcement from their sales of cannabis and concentrates in Arizona alone.
As MPX brings on a fourth dispensary and a concentrate production facility later this year, their profits are projected to continue to rise. This leads to a bullish stance on MPX with the company’s favorable leverage in Maryland, Massachusetts and Nevada. Comparing them to Canadian companies with comparable numbers, MPX is currently undervalued with significant upside.

Plus Products: Exciting

exciting cannabis stocksPlus Products (Private) gets us really excited. Significant increases in edible manufacturing and distribution market share in California over the last year is attractive. Their product line has expanded from the initial infused gum to include gummies. Additionally, they secured new manufacturing facilities and equipment, significantly increasing their production capacity.
This exciting cannabis stock is well capitalized and showing strong revenue numbers. Plus is on track to continue growing well into the future. The management team has a track record of success and has recently brought on some strategic additions to the board of directors. They plan to present a initial public offering later this year so keep an eye on them.

Sunniva: Attractive

Sunniva Inc. (SNN:CNX) (SNNVF) are a Canadian cannabis firm on track to become the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in Canada and California. They broke ground on their California cGMP Campus in late 2017 and hope to have it operational by the third quarter of 2018. The two-phase building plan includes the construction of a 325,000 sq. ft. facility and on-site dispensary in the first phase.
By strategically leveraging commercial real estate and merchant banking relationships, Sunniva can produce up to 100,000 kg of dried flower and trim. They are also creating long-term sales agreements with big retailers and distributors in California and Canada like Canopy Growth Corp. (WEED.TO) (TWMJF). We are bullishly favorable about their ability to capitalize on markets, their strategic relationships and supply agreements.

High Hampton: CUP Worthy

High Hampton (CSE:HC) (HHPHF) is focused on leading the global cannabis distribution market. They plan to increase their market share by using strategic initiatives and agreements like equity, royalty and leasing directly owned property. Plus, their 10.8 acre Coachella, California property is currently pursuing a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for cultivating and manufacturing.
Nobody involved with this exciting cannabis stock is taking any chances and the team engaged strategic partners early to ensure a flawless buildout. But with their focus on increasing California market share and a solid growth strategy, High Hampton is an attractive opportunity for investors to capitalize on the issuance of a CUP.

Phivida: High-Quality CBD

The burgeoning medical CBD market is full of opportunities for investors and the companies they support. Phivida Holdings Inc. (CSE:VIDA) (OTC:PHVAF) is leading the pack, especially with their hemp oil extracts. They offer a premium line of functional foods and nutraceutical supplements infused with CBD.
Their current products include hemp oil, tinctures, juices, teas and vitamin shots infused with CBD. But Phivida also has some new senior executives geared towards driving growth and increasing the value of their proprietary products. By focusing on their hemp-derived products, adding senior executives and expanding their product line, Phivida makes us very bullish.

How do you feel about our picks for most exciting cannabis stocks? What stocks do you find attractive and why? Let us know in the comments!

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