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The decision on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the state of California is right around the corner. In reports going out by the Associated Press, those who live in California will make this decision in November. Alex Padilla is the California Secretary of State. Tuesday Alex announced that the supporters of marijuana legalization in the state of California had gathered more than the sufficient amounts of required signatures. This means that this November the question or not to legalize marijuana will make the ballot and voters will have the chance to show their support for retail marijuana.
Basically, California is looking to legalize the retail marijuana market much in the way that Colorado has. The initiative that is going to make the November ballot will ask voters if they believed individuals aged 21 and up should have the ability to purchase cannabis and cannabis-infused products through licensed retail dispensaries. Another question that is on this initiative is whether or not people will be allowed to grow marijuana for personal recreational consumption in the amount of 6 plants.
Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and the co-founder of Napster Sean Parker are in support of this initiative. For obvious reasons, this initiative would stand to strengthen the state of California in a multitude of ways. Adding as much as an estimated 1 billion dollars or more per year to the state’s revenue would without a doubt help the state of California. Also by decreasing the cost of Public Safety by not wasting valuable and precious resources on attacking harmless and innocent cannabis consumers the state would be able to do things that Colorado has done such as lower the violent crime rate, the fatality rate in auto accidents and teenage consumption of cannabis to name a few.
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