Calaveras County California was founded in 1850 and has a population of roughly 45,000 citizens. It takes up an estimated 1,037 square miles of land that sits atop of the San Andreas fault line in California. Angels Camp is on one side and Tamarac on the other. Lines at the local County Office in Calaveras County are enormous as the six-week deadline to file your paperwork to grow cannabis approaches.
Hundreds of citizens scrambled to the county building to register as legal marijuana growers. One clerk described the scene as a crowded DMV or restaurant. Marijuana growers who have been growing underground and facing potential charges are happy to apply for legal growing permits that cost between $200 for personal medical grows all the way up to $5,000 if you were looking for a full-on commercial marijuana grow op.
The energy in the crowd was a positive one. Many people were talking about the Green Rush. The Green Rush, of course, is the term people are using when they are referring to the cannabis industry as being much like the Gold Rush of the late eighteen hundreds. By the time the end of the day had rolled around the Calaveras County Office officials had a book that was 20 pages with 25 names front and back on each page signed in and ready for appointments with the county. Now Calaveras County will have a better idea on how much marijuana is being grown. The process of getting your registration packet was not an easy one as you had to have the local water department, tax agencies, and land assessors all sign off on a registration before you can bring your packet to the county building.
image credit: calaverasenterprise

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