Weed isn’t a topic rappers shy from. In fact, a lot of the positive attention given to marijuana started in hip-hop. Some rappers take weed a bit more seriously than just smoking it. Some believe smoking weed should be a human right and some are using their voice to do something about it. Whether it is through lyrics or activism here are some rappers doing more than just rapping about weed.


Ab Soul is known for his politically-charged lyrics. He started smoking weed after high school but he’s been an advocate ever since. Weed laws aren’t the only thing Soul wants to shed light on though. In fact, on the video of a single “Huey Knows” from his latest album, he honors political activist Huey P. Newton. Huey P. Newton was the co-founder of the Black Panther Party by repeating his image throughout the video.
As the video plays, images of recent controversies such as Colin Kaepernick, police brutality, and Donald Trump pop-up as well.
This isn’t a new trait for Ab-Soul, he was just as politically aware on his 2012 album “Control System.” On the album, he had a song called “SOPA,” bringing light to the Stop Online Piracy Act which would have violated the constitutional rights of all Americans. Additionally, in his song “Terrorist Threats” he addresses imprisonment through debt.

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper has never been shy about his pot-use. It’s spoken about in his lyrics, interviews, twitter, etc. He was suspended from High School for smoking weed so it is apparent he has never cared for marijuana laws. He believes weed should be legal but he’s been busy fighting bigger battles. Chance The Rapper did an hour-long lecture on the Art of Activism for the University of Chicago.
From providing the homeless with clothes to launching multiple anti-violence initiatives in Chicago, Chance has wasted no time using his newly gained influence to bring about positive change. The young activist, has never been shy about the violence he sees in his city. It’s painted in his lyrics, tweets, and actions. He has encouraged other residents of Chicago to get out and protest to regain safety in their streets.

Killer Mike

We couldn’t leave Killer Mike off of our list of rap advocates. He’s been asked his political opinion on mainstream media and he had the pleasure of interviewing Bernie Sanders during the presidential election. He also introduced Bernie Sanders at his rally in Mike’s hometown Atlanta.
However, Killer Mike’s activism began well before his endorsement of Sanders.
He’s been on Real Time with Bill Maher, Fox, and CNN. He has been vocal about his views on racial discrimination, drug policy reform, and justice system reform.  He’s been an advocate of legal marijuana for a long time. Him and his partner in the Run The Jewels duo El-P are vocal weed advocates.

Snoop Dogg

One of the loudest advocates of legalized marijuana in the rap game is Snoop Dogg. Anytime Snoop spies foul play he’s the first to call people out. He’s chewed out the NFL for not allowing players to smoke weed. Weed isn’t the only thing that Snoop has been active about. Snoop lead a rally in LA with another rap activist “The Game” to reduce tensions between gangs and the police.

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