Why You Need To Grind Your Weed

Did you know you could be wasting pot by not grinding it up? One time at a party, a guy handed me a bong. Then, he stuffed a decent sized nug into the bowl piece and said “hit it.” I offered to grind it and he said there’s no need. Me and a friend thought he was joking but he was dead serious. I attempted to light it and barely blackened a corner of the nug while using up all my lung capacity for a small, unsatisfying hit. I knew then that this was clearly ineffective. You need to grind your weed up to get it to evenly burn, otherwise some of your weed won’t burn.
If you don’t believe me, try stuffing a whole nug into a bowl and smoking it. Then, you can try a ground up nug in a bowl and see which you prefer. You can break weed down by hand as well. However, breaking up by hand is messier and less effective than an even grind.

Picking The Right Grinder For Smoking Weed

So there isn’t one grinder to satisfy every kind of smoker. If you’re just a typical bowl or joint smoker a medium sized 4-piece grinder will do the trick. However, depending on your exact smoking method, there are grinders that will make your life even easier.
Alpaca Grinder
One of the most convenient grinders for bowl, bong, and paper users alike is the Alpaca Herb Grinder & Dispenser. The grinder is funnel shaped and makes packing a bowl or filling papers quicker and less messy. The company guarantees your herbs will be ground and dispensed within 10 seconds. Good luck pulling that procedure off with a traditional 4-piece grinder.
Using your hands to pinch and transfer weed usually leads to some spillage and loss. Well, the Alpaca grinder will ensure every precious trichome makes its way into your bowl. Simply fill the top chamber then twist. Ground herbs will instantly dispense from the bottom of the funnel.
Pen Simple
If twisting your grinder is too much work for you or if you have a debilitating condition that makes it hard, the Pen Simple was made for you. The Pen Simple is a pen-shaped electronic weed dispenser. Similar to the Alpaca grinder it does not need to be opened to dispense so there’s less waste. The Pen Simple can be carried in your pocket without worry of it opening and spilling out your precious herbs.
Best of all, weed is dispensed at the press of a button. The grind is perfect for joints, blunts, hand pipes, and water pipes. It can even fill pre-rolled cones. The Pen Simple just made smoking a whole lot easier.

Grinders For Vapes

Vaporizers benefit from a fine grind. Larger pieces of pot can be tough for certain vaporizers to handle. So, when shopping for a Vape Grinder you want to get something that really pulverizes your weed.
Kannastor Vape GR8TR Grinder
Kannastor has actually made a grinder specifically designed for vapes. The grinder comes with way more pieces than your typical grinder. The top portion of the grinder is a storage for pre-ground herbs. Finally, the blades have no trouble tearing a full nug into green sand.
Magic Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder
The Magic Flight Finishing Grinder was designed specifically for their vaporizer. It’s a much simpler design than the Kannastor but it requires a bit more elbow grease. The 2-piece wooden grinder with a metal cheese grater-like plate. Finally, it’s extremely easy to clean and gives a fine grind that is perfect for ANY vaporizer.

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