A staple in the concentrate consumption scene, Puffco is behind some of the best vaporizers we see today. Being in the industry for only 5 years, Puffco immediately managed to be one of the foremost brands in the concentrate consumption platform. With products like the Puffco Plus and the Puffco Pro 2, this Los Angeles-based vaporizer company quickly gained a strong foothold in the portable vaporizer market, and with their latest offering, they plan to take your portable vaping experience to a whole new level.
The Puffco Peak was unveiled in the previously held International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) sometime around January earlier this year. It was then made available to wax concentrate consumers a few months later. During its release, the Puffco Peak was dubbed as the most advanced vaporizer ever made and was presumed to have cutting-edge features making it the smartest portable dab rig on the market.
First Impressions
With all the hype it was getting, the Puffco Peak swiftly became the talk of the town. Said to have been the future of dabbing, the Peak by Puffco is equipped with some of the most advanced features, the likes of what you’d see and expect from a top-tier rig.
Users found it hard to classify the Peak and later decided that it needed a classification of its own – and e-rig. The Peak brings together the elements of two of the best tools in concentrate consumption (an e-nail and a dab rig) very much like how its founder and CEO, Roger Voladarsky, brought together the “disciplines of design, technology, and engineering,” the principles and the elements that made Puffco the brand they are today. Quickly becoming an icon, the Puffco Peak sports a distinguishable triangular shape, a stable and firm figure, representing reliability and steadfastness, something dabbers are looking for in an e-rig. The Peak also boasts four unique heat settings giving you a wide array of temperature profiles, heats up in as fast as 20 seconds, features haptic feedback, and charges fast with low discharge rate. But what separates the Puffco Peak from the competition is its Intelligent Temperature Calibration (ITC), it’s what makes the Puffco Peak smart. It automatically remembers and adjusts the temperature and calibrates it with that of the ceramic bowl’s which ensures you’re getting the same level of heat – and high.
Could the Peak really be worth all the hype and all the money? It doesn’t come cheap, it’s placed under the $300+ mark making it not only a vaporizer of premium quality but one that sports a premium price tag.  
Getting To Know The Peak
Puffco products are known to uphold the core belief of the company – the virtue of purity. The Peak follows suit and is probably the epitome of this standard having components that are specifically designed and engineered to faithfully preserve the qualities of your select concentrates. The physical components of the Puffco Peak mainly compose of ceramic and medical-grade glass pieces, intended to ensure the preservation and retention of the distinct flavor notes and the unmistakable aroma of cannabis concentrates. The glass pieces are made from hand-blown borosilicate glass giving it high resistance to thermal shock and very low coefficient of thermal expansion, perfect for demanding and intense vaping sessions. The glass attachment also features percolation water filtration, giving you moisture-conditioned hits for draws that are smooth both on the throat and on the lungs.
The Puffco Peak also features high-grade ceramic bowls that are perfect for both low-temp dabs and high-temp hits. The ceramic bowls are designed to evenly heat your concentrates regardless of the Peak’s heat settings. Ceramic is inert by nature, compared to quartz and titanium, ceramic holds heat the longest. Even on high temperatures, the ceramic bowls will gradually heat your favorite concentrates without getting to the point of combustion. Moreover, ceramic is pure and because of its inert properties, will not react chemically to heat and will not change or alter your material in any way. True to its promise, Puffco products like the Peak, delivers the best results and lets you experience and enjoy your concentrates in its purest form.
Both the ceramic bowls and the borosilicate glass attachments can effortlessly be removed for easy cleaning and upkeep.
Using The Peak
Surprisingly, while the Puffco Peak is chock full of features making it sophisticatedly high-tech, it operates and steers like the average vaporizer. It could well be because the underlying technology behind the Puffco Peak basically stems from portable vape pens – Puffco’s bread and butter.
This principle makes the Puffco Peak relatively easy to use. Here’s how.

  1. Make sure that the Puffco Peak is fully charged to get optimum results. Generally, the Puffco Peak charges more or less in two hours and will yield an average of 30 dabs before the battery goes low.
  2. Remove the glass chamber from the base and fill it with water, just enough that the water barely touches the air holes.
  3. Replace the glass attachment and hold the power button on the Puffco Peak to turn the device on.
  4. To toggle between the temperature profiles, simply tap the same button thrice till you get to your desired temperature level.
  5. Check and open the carb cap to expose the ceramic bowls where you’ll be loading your materials.
  6. Using the loading tool, drop desired amount of concentrates onto the ceramic bowls and tap the power button twice to begin heating the concentrates.
  7. Start vaping and enjoy.

With just a few easy steps, even beginners will be able to use the Puffco Peak like a pro. The water filtration effectively cools down the vapors as well as sift any irritants giving out subtle vapors – the kind that doesn’t make you cough.
Final Thoughts
There’s no wonder why the Puffco Peak is seen as the best in its class, it’s really worth every penny. With top-tier features like unique heat settings and smart temperature calibration, the Puffco Peak indeed is the pinnacle of dabbing.

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