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Yocan devices have been known as an industry standard for affordable and practical vaporizers that can perform as well as other devices twice its price. With their latest offering, The Yocan Loaded, they introduced new and revolutionary features like an extendable mouthpiece and a new way to remove and replace coils for quick and effortless transition from one vaping style to another. It’s a wax pen vaporizer built with the daily, on-the-go dabber in mind. Whether you’re a casual or a medical consumer, you’re sure to find that the Yocan Loaded is an ideal companion for your daily wax concentrate consumption needs.  
The Loaded Design – What’s New
Like most of Yocan’s products, the Yocan Loaded wax pen vaporizers are simple, minimalistic, and straightforward. A single power button simplifies operation leaving little to no learning curve and using the Loaded comes as natural as breathing.  
Atop the Loaded sits the extendable mouthpiece, one would simply have to turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise to extend the mouthpiece. Extending the mouthpiece provides a slightly longer vapor path and funnels the vapors to allow better cooling which helps remove some of the irritants from the vapor. Not only does the extendable mouthpiece enhance and improve the quality of the vapor, it also helps keep your vaping session clean as it keeps the actual mouthpiece hidden inside keeping it away from dust and dirt. This is perfect for those who keep their devices inside their pockets or in their bags when not in use.
Apart from the retractable mouthpiece, one of the new features from the Yocan Loaded is its atomizer base. The atomizers can be accessed in a chamber with a door-like hatch. Opening the hatch exposes the atomizer; the atomizer is connected to the battery via magnetic links allowing ease of use and quick removal and replacement of atomizers depending on your needs.  
Both features aren’t exactly new to Yocan products, however, the way they were applied and executed opened a whole new experience to vaporizer users, especially the ones who prefer vaping on their feet.
Premium Coils
The Yocan Loaded comes with two premium atomizers both are quartz-based giving the Yocan Loaded the capability to respond immediately and provide on-demand heating without affecting the quality of the material in terms of taste, aroma, and potency. Quartz is inert by nature and it does not react chemically to heat which means it’s one of the safest means of heating your concentrates without getting to the point of combustion.  
The quad coil boasts four quartz rods wrapped in high-quality coils. That means four times the fun, four times the vapor production. If you want to blow huge clouds of vapor that are highly visible and are dense they closely mimic the viscosity of real smoke then the quad coils are your best choice. Not only is it aesthetically appeasing, the heightened temperature level brought by the four coils also increases the intensity of the concentrates. The hotter the coils get, the more potent the vapors are. The vapors may come harsh and a small amount of dab on the quad coils will be enough to put you down for a good amount of time.  
The dual coils, on the other hand, are the perfect balance of flavor and vapor. The output of the quad coils isn’t as visually stunning as the quad coils but they yield better tasting vapors compared to the quads. The two quartz coils create vapors that preserve the flavor profile of your favorite concentrate and minimizes the harshness that you will otherwise experience from the quad coils, the vapor output of the dual coil is smoother and provide subtler upshots – perfect for those seeking mild euphoria.
Overall, both atomizers allow the user to experience the full spectrum of their wax concentrates and the intuitively designed hatch perfectly complements both atomizers.  
Yocan Staples
While the Yocan Loaded features new concepts and design applications, it still retains and embodies what we loved about Yocan products.  
One feature that’s become a Yocan staple, especially for their wax pen vaporizers is the wax container or wax stash located just below the vape pen. Those who like to vape on-the-go will no longer have to worry about carrying excess baggage since the Yocan Loaded allows you to keep an extra stash of concentrates for that much needed reload. What’s the point of having two atomizers if you have too few materials?  
You no longer have to worry about leaving home with just enough wax on you. You can now take on extended sessions and not worry about coming up short on wax. The bottom wax container is also magnetically latched onto the battery and like the atomizers, they can easily be removed and replaced. Yocan brings its design on a whole new level with the Loaded. The wax container’s interior is lined with medical-grade silicone so it’s safe to keep your wax concentrates in there. The container also features a dual compartment design which allows you to store two kinds of concentrates in one small container. This design and engineering are also rooted in the fact that the Loaded can be used with two atomizer coils. If you prefer to use different strains for each atomizer coil, then the wax storage discreetly hidden at the bottom of this wax vape pen is the perfect tool for keeping those waxy and oily substances.  
Another principal feature seen on most Yocan products is the generous battery. The Loaded is outfitted with 1400mAh batteries that’s enough for more than just the usual, casual sessions. The decision to incorporate a larger, more powerful battery is based on the atomizer coils. A 1400mAh battery is the prime choice to power up the Loaded’s quad coils, the larger the atomizer, the more demanding its requirements are.  
Final Thoughts
Overall, the Yocan Loaded is the embodiment of a modern classic. A piece of technology that molds tried and trusted brand staples together with brand new innovations that are designed to help improve the user’s overall experience. Yocan Loaded is available at yocanvaporizer.com.

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