Strain Review Strawberry Cough

Literally like candy. Any strain of weed that’s fruit-based, tangy, citrusy, is like candy to me. Strawberry Cough will not disappoint on either part of its name. I wish even the buds were pink, but the flavor of them is bright enough to make you THINK they’re pink. Before you’ve even smoked them you’ll be hit with the aroma of a freshly-poured bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Have you ever wished you could just light the end of a Twizzler, and it’d smoke and taste like delicious strawberry candy smoke? Roll up some Strawberry Cough into a joint, and you’ll be living that dream.
I liked the happy feelings I got from consuming this strain. Strong anxiety relief would make it perfect for helping let go of whatever’s plaguing your thoughts, as well as providing a physical and energetic body high. Take your Twizzler outside to the woods, by the lake, or up a mountain, and get in touch with yourself and nature. I highly suggest solo adventuring to somewhere high, with a view. Smoke on the way up, then when you get to the summit or viewpoint, take the largest breath you possibly can, and just let the beauty wash over you. Strawberry Cough is brilliant for allowing the space to step back, ground yourself where you are, and find some peace in the moment.
Another sativa to hit you “right in the eyes.” Frosty, sweet, and very pungent in berries and skunk. It’s a strain that ages well, starting out as tight, small green buds with subtle effects. If curated, the strawberry color and flavor will become sharper, and the smoking effects will intensify. The sativa elements come through strongly to give motivation and energy, with an added positive outlook.
I bet a concentrate of this would be fantastic for chronic anxiety, and the smell would go virtually unnoticed amongst someone puffing from a vape pen. I felt only an initial fog when I tried Strawberry Cough, and like many, experienced a mellowing out. I was able to focus on the task at hand (rolling another) with little trouble, and I’m sure that would extend to larger or more complicated tasks if necessary.
image: medicaljane

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