Pros and cons of High-THC marijuana strains

Marijuana is getting more and more potent as the years go on. Indoor controlled environments have led to the discovery and creation of several High-THC marijuana strains. Competitions like the High Times sponsored Cannabis Cup are also encouraging cultivators of cannabis to compete in growing the highest potency marijuana strains. The cannabis cup has a “Highest THC Strains” category and cannabis connoisseurs are always on the lookout for potent new strains.

During the 2015 High Times US Cannabis Cup in Denver a couple of strains were over 30% in THC content. With potent strains like this now available it’s important for people to know the pros and cons of High-THC marijuana strains.

Like any other medicine cannabis comes with own set of side effects. Some people report adverse effects that sound foreign to regular smokers. This could be due to taking too high of a THC dosage. If you go from smoking no weed to weed with 20% THC you might experience some overdose symptoms. Even an experienced smoker might not know they’ve been smoking on stuff under 15% until they get something with much higher-THC and experience some new side effects.

Side effects of high-THC marijuana strains. 

The worst side effects of THC are probably anxiety and paranoia. This may seem strange since some people actually turn to marijuana as an anxiety reliever. It all comes down to dosage. People using marijuana for anxiety are using smaller doses. The biphasic effects of marijuana can cause it to have opposing effects in high doses. So if at a smaller dose it relieves anxiety, at a higher dose it can cause or enhance feelings of anxiety.

A less harmful side effect of high-THC cannabis is “cottonmouth.” Hopefully it just leads you to drink more water which will benefit your health. The munchies is another less negative side effect… Unless you’re on a diet.

Impaired memory is another common side effect of THC. Memory impairment might hinder a productive work day.

Sleepiness is one side effect that can be considered positive or negative. If you have insomnia and no history of anxiety, you may be in the market for High-THC marijuana strains! However, if you’re looking to stay up and active, you may want to seek low-THC strains. Also avoid indica strains which have been associated with sedative effects.

Benefits of High-THC Strains

Some patients suffering from debilitating conditions require large amounts of marijuana or THC to relieve their symptoms. This can cause them to have to spark up bowl after bowl and the excessive smoking can have negative side effects to their health. With High-THC strains smaller amounts can be smoked to achieve the same medicinal effect.

In Conclusion

If you’re going to use high-THC marijuana strains, try not to overdo it. Make sure you have the tolerance for it. When you pick up new strains, start with low doses so you know how much of a punch it packs. You don’t want any unwanted surprises in the form of a panic attack. If used responsibly high-THC marijuana strains could help avoid some of the negative side effects that surface from frequent exposure to smoke.

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