Grape Ape

You can probably imagine what this strain smells like– yes, fruity grapes, like the sugary sweet soda. Also a bit obvious, the nuggets tend to be a rich, deep purple in color and very aromatic. Grape Ape is an indica strain known well for its ability to provide deep relaxation, comfort, and freedom from stress and pain. Though it is hybrid, it tends to be indica-dominant. Its parentage lies in Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani.
The smoke produced is very thick, sweet-tasting, and doesn’t cause heavy coughing. To really get the right flavor, avoid using butane lighters and stick to either wick or matches. The grape flavor is gentle this way, and neither the smell or taste is overbearing. With a very small amount, effects can last up to 2 hours. That doesn’t seem very long, but I do mean small amount– less than half a gram.
You might experience relief from symptoms of ADD and ADHD, and help getting relief from migraines or other strong pains. One user reports Grape Ape to be a great replacement for coffee! So though it’s an indica strong hybrid, perhaps you can expect to feel energized and able. No more muscle aches and pains, or issue with anxiety, depression, and anger. Try Grape Ape with a group of friends, or by yourself for a study session that keeps you interested and focused.
Without being overpowering, the high creeps in gentle and slow. While some batches may give energy, others may give an unbeatable relaxation and easy sleep. Great for long car trips (where you aren’t the driver), or any other situation where you can afford to kick back and enjoy the ride. Grape Ape may help you to disengage from depressive, cyclical thoughts, or help bring you out of symptoms of PTSD or other similar issues. Try it for decreased or poor appetite, as well as poor sleeping habits. GA may be a little strong for new users, so like I said before, try a really small amount to see how it affects you. Others have found it very mellow. Like with all of these strains, feel free to experiment and find a combination that works best for your needs.
Chemical Makeup
THC: 15-23%
CBD: 0-0.07%
CBN: 0-0.03%
CBG: 0.3-0.7%
THCV: 0.02-0.2%
CBC: 0-0.2%
CBL: 0-0.4%
β-Linalool: 0-0.2%
β-Myrcene: 0.6-1.5%
a-Pinene: 0.06-0.4%
D-Limonene: 0-0.1%
β-Caryophyllene: 0.2-0.6%
image: StrainCentral / youtube

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