When someone describes a weed as being cheesy, I think they mean that thick, sticky, squeak-between-your-teeth sort of feel. Or literally, a very stinky cheese. But in a good way! Some strains have been so ‘cheesy’ that there’s almost a solid fog of it, even before it’s lit. This one however, would obviously take the cake. The original Cheese is so sticky, absolutely covered in cheddar-orange hairs, and definitely potent and dank.
It’s actually a hybrid strain, with its pungency rooted in Skunk #1 (or a similar phenotype). Some breeders have crossed it with Afghani to produce more trichomes and higher grow yields, but all around, Cheese is a classic with world-wide popularity. I’d be surprised to enter a dispensary (or even a state alone) and not find some version of Cheese behind the counter. The high is very uplifting, kicking all traces of a bad mood out the window. The euphoria can be irresistible and very prevalent, which is always a nice thing. Smoke it with friends for an infectiously fun time.
Some folks suffering from cancer have used Cheese with success to treat physical pain, lack of appetite, and severe nausea. In my experience, the smell alone of Cheese can cause some nausea, but that was only the first couple of times being around it. Once you get used to it, the smell can be mouth-watering. Batches erring on the side of sativa could be amazing for helping you get up and go, packing a big meal, and enjoying yourself in the outdoors. Or, try out some new music, a funny movie, or spend some lovely time with your pet enjoying each other’s company.
I’ve never woken up the next morning with a ‘hangover’, so to speak, from smoking this strain. Some can be heavy handed, but not Cheese. I felt a clarity and gentle energy where I could have stayed in bed, but it felt much better to get up and see the morning. If you have trouble getting yourself going, try using Cheese either the night before or having one or two hits during the day. Get those chores done, find the inspiration to tackle a project, or settle into a really good book.

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