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Magic Flight Launch Box
Although it’s been around for some time the Magic Flight Launch Box or MFLB is one of the best affordable dry herb vaporizers on the market. It can be found for under $100 from reliable sources across the web and it’s a simple concept. You have a small wooden device and a batter. The battery goes in the side hold and when you push it all the way in the mesh screen under the acrylic cover begins to heat. The goal is to have as finely ground material as you can inside the “trench” of the device which is the part of the mesh screen that dips downwards to hold herbs in place. There are no temperature settings, YOU control the temperature by the speed of your inhalation. As the battery is being pressed into the device the mesh screen is constantly putting out heat and if you aren’t there inhaling your herbs will continue to heat to the point of combustion so using the device may take a little bit of practice but the vapor you will be putting out once you get the technique down rivals more popular and expensive competitors such as the PAX.
The Launch Box team has also made a wide array of accessories to enhance the MFLB experience like a custom water pipe, grinder, and power adapter so you don’t need to recharge batteries.
The Pax2 is definitely one of the most popular handheld vaporizers currently on the market. The Pax 2 comes in a more compact size than its predecessor. It also comes with two mouth pieces, a larger oven for more herb per pack, and one more temperature setting so you can have more of a choice on how hot you want your vaporizer to hit. To charge the device you don’t even need to plug it in, you just lay it down and it magnetically connects to the charge port.
To operate the Pax2 you just push down on the mouthpiece and the 4-light pax insignia will begin glowing purple, indicating that the oven is heating to the desired temperature. To change temperature you hold down the mouthpiece and it will show you your current temp setting. One tap of the mouthpiece toggles through the 4 settings. 1 light on is the lowest setting whereas 4 lights indicates the hottest temperature mode. Hold the mouthpiece to go back to heating after the desired temp has been selected. This model also produces 45% more vapor than the last one and with its sleek look, portability, and user-friendly single button operation the Pax2 is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market.
There are a couple of options that top the Pax2 but they are in a higher price range.
From the German makers of the top rated volcano vaporizer, Storz & Bickel, this portable device puts out about as much vapor as it’s plug-in predecessor but on the go. Also a volcano vaporizer will run you around $550-650 but Craftys and Mightys range from $329.99 – 400. The difference between the two devices is that the Mighty is about twice as big, with twice the battery life. You can get about 5 uses from the Crafty’s battery and 10 from the Mighty’s. The vapor produced from a volcano is a 10/10 in flavor and quality.
Craftys and Mightys are 9 to 9.5’s out of 10 but potentially hundreds of dollars less expensive, more portable, and you can lose the giant bag of vapor. Storz & Bickel has a 2 year warranty and the Vape Critic on youtube says the quality of vapor on the Crafty can’t be ignored and the two times he had issues with his Crafty Storz & Bickel replaced it twice. He complained that having to have it replaced twice was too high of a failure rate but
the company did replace the model at no charge.
Firefly 2
The Firefly 2 is the only real competitor that the Crafty and Mighty have. It comes at $10 cheaper than the Crafty with A+ vapor quality and more elegance. The only down side is you can only fit about .1 grams of herb in this one so it’s really meant to serve 1 person. One pack of the Crafty should serve 2 to 4 people. However, if you’re willing to repack that Firefly 2 for a friend this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.
Final Verdict
If you’re looking to get into the herb vaping game but aren’t ready to invest in the best we recommend starting with an MFLB and patiently learning the “draw techniques” included in the manual until you know how to get yourself properly launched. If you’ve got the extra cash and want to go with the best of the best we recommend going with the Firefly 2, Crafty, or Mighty if you need the extra battery life.
image credit: The Vape Critic / YouTube

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