Low Temp vs High Temp Dabbing

Low temp and high temperature dabs come with their own set of pros and cons. There’s been arguing over which is better but it really comes down to the experience you want from your concentrate. Are you looking for a quick rush? A day-time high? Trying to sleep? The best temperature to dab at depends on the high you’re looking for.
Low-temperature Dabs
A low temp is generally between done 470 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The trick to getting the perfect low temp depends on the nail you’re using. Ceramic nails take the longest to heat up but they hold heat for the longest. Titanium is usually the quickest to heat up but quartz heat up time depends on the thickness of the glass. Glass is ideal for flavor and has become the favorite of cannabis concentrate connoisseurs. If you’re using a 4mm thick quartz banger you’ll need to heat it until the base is red hot then allow it to cool for 45-55 seconds before dropping your dab in. Then you’ll need to put a carb cap over the quartz banger to allow the concentrate to become hot enough for vaporization. The reason people go through all these extra steps is to preserve terpenes. Terpenes are what provide cannabis with flavor and they have a fairly low boiling point. Low-temperature dabs are intended to be a low enough temperature so that the flavor from an extracts terpenes is maximized. At high temperatures some THC can also be burned away decreasing the potency of the dab. Another benefit to low temperature dabbing is that it’s easier on the throat and lungs. Dabs have been associated with coughing fits but these are mostly from users doing dabs at temperatures that are too hot for comfort.
High-temperature Dabs
High temp dabs are usually taken at 700 or more degrees Fahrenheit. Although they aren’t as flavorful high-temperature dabs come with their own array of benefits. The experience is comparable to taking a shot, 2 seconds and it’s all over, except for the fact that you might end up in a coughing fit for the next 30 seconds. Another benefit is the fact that high-temp dabs don’t leave behind a puddle of concentrate that needs to be Q-tipped like low-temp dabs do. You also won’t need to worry about struggling to reach for a carb cap with your lips to your bong. Some users even prefer the high associated with high temp dabs. Customgrow420, a popular weedtuber who says he prefers high-temperature dabs, claims that the high is more intense and he enjoys coughing his lungs out because it apparently gives him more of a head rush. To each his own, try out both techniques to see which one best suits your needs. If you’re getting top shelf concentrates you may want to low temp dab and taste your quality concentrates but if you’re just trying to get high and fast, high temperature dabs are the way to go.

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