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More people around the world are being arrested for cannabis every day. While places such as the United States, Canada, Uruguay, and others have legal access to marijuana there are still places where people are being arrested and serving considerable amounts of their life behind bars because of cannabis. Even in the United States of America where over half the country has legal access to medical marijuana individuals are still arrested on a daily basis for simple possession. Some people are arrested for growing these plants and end up serving lengthy sentences behind bars.
The United States is not the only place that feels the wrath of prohibition. A waiter from Poland was arrested for growing an estimated 120 marijuana plants using a sophisticated setup that would allow for multiple commercial grows. Police arrested 30-year-old Robert Knopek. He will be serving the next two-and-a-half years of his life behind bars for having a hundred and twelve female plants and 9 seedlings in his possession. The estimated street value of these plants was between £44,500 and £96,000.
Robert will now serve time in prison with a multitude of violent criminals. Until this arrest Robert had had no criminal background. He had never been in any kind of trouble but now he’ll face the next 30 months of his life in a prison cell all because he grew a harmless plant. Marijuana has 0 deaths link to it directly ever in recorded history and harms no one. In fact, it saves lives.
This arrest is just one of many that happen every day that result in someone’s life being ruined over a plant. It is the time that marijuana was decriminalized around the globe so that people have safe, legal access to a natural medication that they can grow in their own homes.
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