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4.3 million euros of cannabis was discovered inside of a container of frozen meat from France. Authorities uncovered an estimated 215 kilograms of cured ready to sale cannabis. There are many different ways that individuals will smuggle cannabis into countries. The best way to eliminate drug trafficking and smuggling of marijuana altogether is to legalize marijuana. There have been zero deaths ever recorded in history directly linked to marijuana. It is, in fact, a valuable medication for a multitude of conditions.
Currently, countries around the world are re-evaluating their marijuana laws realizing that the war on drugs or the attempted eradication of marijuana was a feeble mistake started by the United States federal government. Many of these countries are no longer supporting these lies as it makes them look extremely foolish. United States politicians do not care who suffers as long as they are making money. Other countries are starting to realize that marijuana prohibition was a campaign built on lies.
However, it makes me wonder how authorities put a price on cannabis like this. On average anyone buying marijuana in any kind of bulk rate can get a pound of top-quality cannabis for $2,200. This is actually a very high price if you are buying say 215 kilograms or 473 pounds of pot at one time. At $2,200 a pound, 215 kilograms of marijuana would only come up to 1.27 million euros, not 4 million euros like what was reported. Apparently, a pound of marijuana in France goes for $6,000 roughly according to reports issued by media outlets such as the Irish Times.
It is crazy the things that people do to smuggle cannabis into a country but this is nothing new. People have had to come up with some pretty crazy ways to conceal cannabis due to the draconian prohibition that has plagued many parts of the world for almost a century now.
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