mad dream marijuana

There’s a new cannabis strain called Mad Dream, a mix between the popular hybrids Blue Dream and Mad Dawg.
Blue Dream is a sativa-dominate hybrid. It has become one of the most widely consumed and critically acclaimed strains available, and for good reason. The mix of Blueberry and Haze is the perfect combination of full body relaxation without the overwhelming kick of certain indica strains.
Mad Dawg is an impressive hybrid in it’s own right. Another sativa dominant strain, Mad Dawg is a mix of Starfighter and Lemon Alien Dawg.
Mix the two together, and the result is glorious!
I was able to pick this strain up from Green Leaf Therapy, located in the Northwest Cannabis Market in White Center, Washington. Immediately noticeable is the strain’s beautiful exterior, brimming with crystals.
The smell was less sweet than I expected, but was still entirely pleasant, with a great earthy note that reminded me a little of standing in a heavily wooded forest. When you break the bud apart, however, you can smell a subtle hint of the Blueberry passed along from the Blue Dream.
The taste is almost identical to the smell; earthy, with a perfectly sweet backdrop.
The strain immediately brings forth a nice, heady high, and sends a warm feeling of relaxation through your whole body. Few strains are as well suited as this one for taking a few tokes, and sitting back and watching some movies, reading a book or even getting some work done. Although the strain perfectly relaxes you, it doesn’t make you drowsy.
I did find that the strain gave me the munchies more than most. Which could make it perfect for those wanting to stimulate their appetite.
Overall, Mad Dream is a wonderful combination of two great strains, and one that comes highly recommended.

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