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  1. Avatar12 Jan

    I love coco coir, but it’s only flaw which I believe it has is coco will compact down over the course of the grow period, and in my personal opinion restricting not only o2 levels, but root growth as well.

    To combat this I’ve come up with a custom mix which I love.
    It’s equal parts of coco coir, perlite, and hydroton, and use this mix within a top feeding/recovery system.
    What this enables me to do is treat the medium completely as a nutrient recovery hydroponic system (saving me nutrient costs), it allows me to water the plants every 2hrs keeping fresh o2 rich nutrient supplied to the roots, and on the same hand I get the benefits of organics, and then beneficial bacteria too!

    It’s like having my cake and eating it too!! lol
    Because I get the growth of hydroponics (over soilless) and can stay all organic.

    Good luck all

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