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Have you ever wondered what the most popular cannabis strains are? The best of the best. What the cannabis connoisseurs are smoking.
Well, wonder no more! Feast your eyes on 15 of the most legendary, most potent, most aromatic and delicious cannabis strains on the planet:

1. Blue Dream

blue dream
Blue Dream has been named the most popular strain in the U.S., for a variety of reasons — it’s easy to find, easy to grow, yields an abundant crop, etc. But the biggest reason why it’s so well loved, is that it is a pure delight to smoke. This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between the popular Blueberry and Haze strains. The result is an extremely balanced, berry-scented bud, which offers the best of both worlds: the body high and symptom relief of an indica, and the uplifting and euphoric effects characteristic of a strong sativa.

2. OG Kush

OG Kush
OG Kush is the common ancestor of many, if not most, of the most popular West Coast strains — including several on this list. It’s been around for more than 20 years, and yet it continues to be a favorite. It’s lineage is uncertain, but most believe it to be a cross between the Chemdawg and Hindu Kush strains. The result is an intoxicating hybrid with a strong earthy and piney scent, that delivers an intense, euphoric and relaxing high.

3. Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies
This cross between Durban Poison (one of the few remaining strains of pure sativa) and OG Kush is not for lightweights. It has a sweet, earthy, often minty aroma, and some of the highest THC levels around. One hit will have soaring on an intense, cerebral high, that can result in anxiety — even paranoia — if you’re not careful or experienced. But manage your dosage, your set and setting, and you should enjoy the ride.

4. Banana Kush

banana kush
This is an indica-dominant hybrid, born from the combination of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Easily recognized by it’s fruity, banana scent and flavor, it also delivers maximum euphoria and relaxation. A great choice for those dealing with stress and/or depression, this strain is sure to mellow you out and put a smile on your face.

5. AK-47

This award winning creation from Serious Seeds is a sativa-dominant mix of several different cannabis strains from around the world. The result is pungent, earthy and slightly sweet, while packing an uplifting and long lasting head high that will have you alert, creative and energized. But don’t let the scary-sounding name fool you; this bud is known for having pleasant, happy and relaxing effects.

6. “Green Crack”

green crack
Originally known as Cush (with a “C”), this strain was dubbed Green Crack by none other than Snoop Dogg. Descended from Skunk #1, this sativa-dominant hybrid has a hoppy, citrus taste and aroma. And as the name suggests, it delivers a powerful, energizing mental high that makes you intensely alert and focused.

7. Strawberry Cough

strawberry cough
As you might have guessed, Strawberry Cough is most famous for the powerful taste and aroma of fresh strawberries. And while it is both a smooth and delicious smoke, it’s also known for an expanding sensation that tickles the lungs, that can wring a cough out of even the most seasoned smoker. This sativa-dominant hybrid delivers an uplifting and euphoric high, that is sure to leave you satisfied.

8. Flo

One of the most popular strains in the Colorado markets, Flo is a cross between Purple Thai (a potent sativa) and Afghani Indica — and offers the perfect blend of the two. Known for it’s purple coloration and sweet, piney scent, and loved for it’s light, pleasant and bubbly high. This is a true “feel good” bud, not at all heavy. Just pure relaxation, and gentle, uplifting euphoria… you can’t help but love it.

9. MK Ultra

mk ultra
Named after the covert mind control project of the CIA, this potent indica-dominant hybrid has been called hypnotic and mind bending. Bred from OG Kush and G-13, this is one of the strongest cannabis strains in the world, period. These dank, sticky buds will leave you laid out on the couch, super relaxed yet flying on an intense, cerebral high. Best not make plans to go out anytime soon.

10. Grand Daddy Purp

A West Cost classic, Granddaddy Purple (or GDP) is a heavy, indica hybrid that’s a cross between the famous Purple Urkle and Big Bud. It has distinctive color, and grape and berry scent characteristic of it’s parent. It also delivers one of the most powerful, relaxing body highs of any indica out there, combined with an intense cerebral high as well.

11. Trainwreck

This popular strain from northern California is one of the hardest hitting sativa hybrids on the market. It has a spicy pine and lemon scent, and is famous for it’s extreme, high energy head high, characterized by intense euphoria, creativity, time distortion, and overall blissed-out happiness.

12. Sour Diesel

sour diesel
Another classic hybrid, Sour Diesel has been around since the 90s. This strong and skunky sativa dominant strain gets it’s name from it’s aroma: the dank and pungent smell of diesel fuel. It also packs an intense, cerebral high that comes on fast and strong. Uplifting, energizing, and mind-expanding… it’s no wonder this strain has such enduring popularity and legendary status.

13. Golden Goat

golden goat
This popular was created by accident, the story goes, by the unintended crossing of a Hawaiian sativa with Sweet Island Skunk. The result is complex, in scent, flavor and effects. Simultaneously sweet, sour and spicy, with a tropical citrus taste, and a full body high that is both uplifting and relaxing, happy and euphoric and altogether pleasant and enjoyable.

14. Skywalker OG

skywalker OG
This cross between Skywalker and OG Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid, with the pungent, earthy, spicy scent characteristic of most kush strains. The effects are extremely relaxing, with a powerful body high and pleasant numbing, tingling sensation from head to toe. But there is also a good head buzz, that hits you right away. The perfect bud for when you just want chill, relax, and drift off while listening to some good music.

15. Bruce Banner

bruce banner no. 3
Named after the incredible Hulk, this cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel can be found in at least 3 different varieties. It’s known for a sweet and pungent aroma, skunky diesel with berry undertones. It also gives an instant, energizing, cerebral high that is pleasant and euphoric — if a bit short on duration. But that can be a good thing, sometimes.
Well, there you have it! Have you tried any of these strains? What did you think? Did we miss any of your favorites? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “15 Most Popular Cannabis Strains

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    Hi Ben,
    Thank you for this post. I tested 11 strains from above. But i have a 2nd opinion. In my opinion “Girl Scout Cookies” is the best. I like Blue dream also. After reading your post, I am planing to check other 4 strains.
    Have a great day!

    Pineapple Chunk is rocks, one of the most strong, but warm, calm, euphoric, but also quite cerebral strain ever.

    There’s also Cinderella and the good old G-13… and Northern Lights… Way too much to pick just 15 of ’em

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