Why Your Pipe Needs A Filter When Smoking

Throughout the years, pipes have been an integral part of ceremonial and recreational practices and habits. This tool is considered as one of the traditional ways to smoke tobacco or even weed. Today, there are plenty of stores that offer pipes to those who prefer to smoke with the device.   

Before you invest in a pipe for your smoking sessions, there are several questions you need to ask yourself. For example, do you need to use a filter? And if you do, are there any benefits to using one? Also, how do you figure out which filter works best? 

What Are The Types Of Pipe Filters? 

The common types of pipe filters include pass-through, absorption, and condensers. Take a close look at each type below: 

  • Pass-through pipe filters: This is the most common type of pipe filter. It uses either a thick cotton tube with a hollow center or a canister with carbon filling. A pass-through filter works by limiting the amount of nicotine and tar present in tobacco. If you’re smoking weed, this type of filter can help remove contaminants and tar particles.  
  • Absorption filters: This type of filter works by drying out and cooling off the flow of smoke before it reaches the palate.  
  • Condensers: A condenser functions by stopping the entry of moisture into the stem of your pipe. There’s a metal insert into the stem with a miniature bore on top. It prevents moisture from entering the stem of the pipe.  

Is It Worth It To Use A Carbon Filter? 

Whether you’re smoking tobacco or weed, both have unsafe elements that you should avoid. Using a pipe with a carbon filter is considered as one of best way to smoke weed because it can get rid of resin and tar, which can cause harm to your lungs. Take note that hemp smoke allows tar to settle deep into the lungs. 

A carbon filter is an effective filtration device for those who are smoking cannabis. It works by filtering out all the contaminants and tar particles. These elements are detrimental to the lungs and body. 

Aside from its antibacterial properties, activated carbon is also useful in absorbing toxins, resin, and tar. It’s a great way to enjoy the flavor without inhaling any of the harsh elements. Take note that the filters with triple layers do not reduce the airflow or limit your intake.  

Why Should You Smoke With A Pipe Filter? 

Below are some of the top reasons for you to use a filter with your pipe:

  • Generally, it’s better for your body and safer for your health if you’re going to smoke tobacco or weed using a pipe with a filter. While inhaling, a filter absorbs the excess tar, nicotine, or contaminants. It helps make this hobby of yours less detrimental to your health. It may also help lower the health risks linked with smoking. 
  • A pipe filter helps you slow down since it’s possible to smoke and draw too hard when puffing without one. It helps keep the smoke cooler while allowing you to experience the flavor of tobacco or weed more thoroughly.  
  • Smoking without a filter can cause an undesirable feeling on the tongue and the rest of your mouth. This sensation is due to excess oils and strong smoke. Pipe filters can lessen the likelihood of tongue bite, which is a pain, discomfort, or burn in your mouth that occurs while you’re smoking. It’s important to note that tongue bite is often due to the contaminants. When the harsh elements are absent, tongue bite is less likely to occur.   
  • When a pipe you’re using has a bigger than average bore size in the base of the bowl, you need to use a filter. If the bore is large, it’s more likely that ash or miniature tobacco cuts will move into the stem and onto your tongue. When a filter is present, the ash particles end up in the filter, not in your mouth.  
  • The filter also works by limiting the amount of moisture in your pipe. It stops moisture from building up in the stem or moving into the mouth which can cause an unpleasant experience. 

A Pipe Or A Bong? 

If you want to smoke weed or tobacco, you’ll never go wrong with a classic pipe. It’s the ideal choice for those with a low tolerance level. Pipes are also smaller in size and portable. They can resemble a cigarette, which make them easier to conceal. 

For those who are on a budget, there are plenty of cheap but good quality pipes available in the market. Remember though that you need time to get used to the new accessory.  

As for bongs, they’re less portable than an average pipe. One aspect that makes it stand out is the water filtration system. It makes the smoke cooler and smoother on the lungs. 

A bong will cost more, but it can be a good investment in the long run. Today, you can find bongs in different styles in glass, metal, bamboo, plastic, or ceramic. There are also portable models that come in two parts, to ensure greater convenience.  

Why Do Some People Refuse to Use a Filter?  

Although pipe filters are indeed beneficial, some people still don’t use one because of the following reasons:

  • For some, smoking with a filter diminishes the taste of the tobacco or weed.  
  • When using a filter, you cannot run a pipe cleaner through until the smoke ends and the pipe is cool. If you leave the filter inside, it can cause cleaning issues since it can cause the buildup of gunk.  
  • If you’re going to use a filter, it’s going to be an extra item to buy. While filters are inexpensive, some might find it an unnecessary extra expense. It will, later on, start to add up for those who smoke pipes. 


Using a filter for your pipe is beneficial. It allows you to gain more enjoyment from the experience and practice of smoking weed, while also helping keep you safe from harmful contaminants.

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