6 Weed Apps Stoners Can Use

Weed apps are essentials for the average consumer. Looking for a good strain, Leafly is the place to go. To understand usage and dose, Releaf is the next app to use. For those growing marijuana plants, GrowBuddy and weGrow are wonderful apps to keep track of plants progress. Below are 6 popular essential apps that cannabis connoisseurs will love.

One of the most popular apps is Leafly.

Leafly is similar to Yelp, Amazon and Wikipedia. Leafly has a plethora of strain information along with weed related articles. Their strain index covers thousands of different types of cannabis which include name, scent, effects, reviews and dispensaries that carry them. It isn’t as in depth as an index like, but Leafly has a great layout.

An app that keeps track of usage.

Releaf is the app that keeps track of dosages taken, the equipment being used, ailments that are being treated and the dispensaries where cannabis is bought. The graphs and charts are used to keep track of the experiences of being high. They give the user a better idea of what works for them. The idea of Releaf is to help consumers keep track of strains that work best for them.

MassRoots, the Instagram of weed.

An app with weed related images and posts. The app is not just about sharing beautiful marijuana plants though. There are images of exemplary glass works from all over the world. All a person needs to do is create a profile and they can start sharing and liking.

MJ app, designed to bring up to date marijuana news and coverage.

Twitter for stoners, MJ brings users up to the minute news from a variety of topics from around the world. This app is different from MassRoots because it is not an app where people browse and share thousands of images. MJ is strictly a current events news coverage site for cannabis.

GrowBuddy app & weGrow is great for tracking growing progress of weed.

GrowBuddy is an app designed to keep track of the growing process such as methods, progress and any changes or experimentations. The private app, GrowBuddy, is designed to help keep track of growing plants, from one to 3,000. Similar to GrowBuddy is weGrow. WeGrow is an app made for the first-time grower. It also helps keep track of methods and growing notes, but it also provides feedback to help create the perfect nugs. To sign up with weGrow it is necessary to send them an email for access to the weGrow app.

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