Videos made to be watched while stoned

Stoned mode is a video series on YouTube that provides high definition visuals and music to zone out to when baked or while getting baked. Crisp and clear visuals are provided with no narration or captions explaining what is going on. So your high mind is left to interpret what it’s seeing. These videos are designed to be watched by people in a more open-minded state.

Who in their high mind wouldn’t want to watch gucci mane get sculpted out of wood using a chainsaw while a sick hip hop instrumental plays in the background? If that’s not up your alley don’t worry there’s plenty more!

Ever wonder how sex dolls are made? Why not watch the process in full detail while eery music plays in the background? However, eery music and flashes from plastic teeth to plastic eyes are not all that comforting.

If you don’t have a taste for the weirder stuff, you may prefer watching palm tree trimmers in action.

Meditative music plays in the background as palm tree trimmers peel large sections of the trees. This makes it easy to zone out and relax. If you’re looking for peaceful videos to watch while stoned you might also enjoy watching woodworkers carve out symmetrical masterpieces.

These types of videos are oddly calming. You can also watch ceramics being worked while surfy beach jams play in the background, soothing and easing your mind.

The Ferrofluid video is one that really leaves you guessing.

You just see a bowl get filled with black fluid and placed under a skull. The dark liquid then seems to come to life with the Electronic Dance Music playing in the background. The Ferrofluid forms spikes and attaches to the skull creating various shapes. The Ferrofluid even gives the skull a thick black beard at one point.

If you’ve just ordered a pizza to curb your munchies, there is a Stoned Mode: Pizza video you can watch. It features a pizza being made from scratch and then baked in hyper speed. It’s entertaining to watch and it’ll also get your mouth watering. The pizza video will have you hype AF for when that doorbell finally rings.

The team at Super Deluxe really has a formula for blending visuals and audio in a way that appeals to stoned audiences. There’s something for every stoner. Trippy visuals, silly unexplainable videos to laugh at with a room full of stoned friends, or some straight up WTF videos. One of our favorites is the Clowns with Guns video.

Good luck interpreting that one while high. There’s plenty more Stoned Mode videos to watch on Super Deluxe’s YouTube channel. We tried not to spoil much but even our descriptions can’t capture everything these videos have to offer. They are something that should be experienced to be understood. So if you really want to make the best of a night indoors, get some munchies, get high, and watch some stoned mode videos. It looks like a lot of effort goes into shooting and editing these videos and they are some of the only videos on the web specifically designed to be watched by people who were high on marijuana.

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