Vacation in states with legal marijuana

Marijuana has been recreationally legalized in four states making it easy for tourists to try out the state’s finest. Tourists with an enthusiasm for weed will now have four states to choose from with several weed-related tourist attractions. From weed-friendly hotels to white water rafting with complimentary weed, there are now many ways to make the best of your 420 vacation.

Here we’ll go over some of the marijuana-related activities that you can only get away with in one of the four states with recreational marijuana.


In Oregon smoking marijuana is legal, but only on private property when permitted. This can be troublesome as a tourist as you may not ever be on private property where you’re allowed to smoke. Not to worry, Weed Country Adventures has got you covered. WCA is a whitewater rafting company that also smokes you up. They get away with this by making stops on private properties to get you legally high. If you’re a fan of both marijuana and whitewater rafting the WCA was literally made for people like you.


Marijuana friendly lodging is easy to come across in Colorado, recreational marijuana is even easier to come across. There are marijuana tour buses with dab rig and e-nail stations on board. Loopr is one of the most popular marijuana party buses in the state:

“Hang out, relax and enjoy the biggest, baddest party bus in Colorado with comfortable seating for 46, a glassware and dab bar, granite countertops on the 4 booths, more than a dozen video monitors for multimedia entertainment and route information, free WiFi, a lavatory and refrigerator, laser light show and more!!”

While in Colorado you can take marijuana cooking classes or get a marijuana-infused massage. Colorado is definitely one of the spots with the most options when it comes to weed and weed-related activities for tourists.


One dope marijuana-related activity you can try in Washington is the Cannabus. The Cannabus is a weed party bus that takes you to grows and dispensaries in Washington. You can also get baked on board! Washington’s main attractions to pot loving tourists would be their recreational shops. Smoking in public is forbidden and there are less shops and weed related events going on in Washington than in Colorado or Oregon. If pot is a main theme in your vacation Washington may be a little too conservative for your tastes. Marijuana is treated like alcohol so you can’t be seen smoking in public or you’ll face consequences. Fortunately, those consequences are only a $27 dollar fine so at least you can smoke without fear of jail time.


The scenery in Alaska is quite a sight for red eyes. Who doesn’t want to see the Northern Lights while high on Northern Lights? Alaskan Thunder Fuck would be another good strain to try on your trip to Alaska. You might even get some for free. The laws in Alaska allow adults to legally gift each other marijuana. So the best way to get some weed while in Alaska is to ask somebody “Hey, can I have some of your weed?” Business’ like bud and breakfasts will straight up give you free weed as an incentive to stay with them over competitors.

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  1. Avatar13 Sep
    Mary Gerdt

    So Why did cash strapped Vermont vote down legalizing recreational cannabis? Tourist dollars lost. Property taxes up. Residents stressed, tourists stressed. Thank you for pointing out the positives of legalization.

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