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  1. Avatar11 Apr

    I would attend a marijuana course on campus or online. I actually would like more information.

    1. Avatar12 Apr
      Adam Rhodes (Listing owner)

      Hey Yvonne,

      Thanks for reaching out. The idea of going to school for weed excites me too. Unfortunately, the University of Maryland ended up pulling out of the program for now. But there are other schools that offer courses designed for the cannabis industry.

      A new degree program is being offered at Northern Michigan University. The program is called Medicinal Plant Chemistry and is a 4-year undergraduate degree focusing on marijuana. It requires heavy courses include subjects like organic chemistry, plant physiology, botany, accounting, genetics, physical geography and financial management.

      Several other accredited colleges and universities also offer credit and noncredit courses in marijuana. The University of California at Davis has an undergraduate course on the Physiology of Cannabis. While the University of Denver offers a course on the Business of Marijuana and Vanderbilt’s law school has a Marijuana Law and Policy course.

      Oaksterdam University in Oakland calls itself America’s first cannabis college but only offers a certificates, not degrees. The American Chemical Society has an official cannabis chemistry division. But Northern Michigan University in Marquette is the first to offer an actual undergrad degree.
      I hope this helped give you an idea of what opportunities are out there

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