Summer is here and if you’re looking for some summer loving–solo or partnered–this list will help you out! I chose high quality, innovative items to showcase because I believe your pleasure is worth it! Mindfully combining sex and cannabis means being thoughtful about the products you’re using and the ways in which the materials and quality of the devices impacts your body and pleasure.
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II: For people with penises, this toy is a fantastic addition to the toy collection. According to my lover, it impressively mimics a blowjob with its silicone lips and vibrating core. Lube is a non-negotiable with the Cobra Libre II, it would likely cause discomfort if used without some kind of slippery substance. It’s definitely a toy that can be enjoyed solo or partnered, and is great for alternating with a BJ because it allows the giver a chance to rest their jaw while not having to pause the pleasure.

Photo credit: Fun Factory

Hot Octopuss Queen Bee: I have been waiting patiently for this toy to hit the market and now that June has arrived–the time is upon us! Hot Octopuss revolutionized the sex toy industry when they debuted their oscillating penis toy, the Hot Octopuss Pulse (also known as “the world’s first guybrator,”) in 2014. The oscillation creates a different vibration sensation than other toys I’ve tried, and it was a game changer for penis owners with erectile struggles. Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis decided that this would translate well into a clitoral-focused toy and began developing the Queen Bee. This rechargeable wand features the same oscillation through a plate on one side that made its predecessor so unique. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it in the pool or bath with you!

WARM by Warm Inc.: Why would you want a sex toy warmer in the summer? Because exploring with temperature play is a fun way to bring a sensual experience into your lovemaking! This luxury device is made of vegan leather and a silky warming sleeve that wraps around your toys and warms it to a pleasant temperature in 15-20 minutes–plenty of time for foreplay or a hot bath first! This is especially useful if you own glass, metal, or ceramic toys, but any toy material can be used with WARM. If you’ve never had the experience of using a toy that has been warmed up, give yourself this gift. It’s magical.
credit: Warm, Inc.

VapeXhale Evo: I cannot say enough good things about this desktop vaporizer. I love being able to choose the temperature settings and that the convection heating element works equally well for flower and concentrates. I especially love how lightweight it is. My Evo lives on a nightstand at the foot of my bed, and the long cord makes it easy to bring into bed with me. My partners have been loving it, and especially enjoy the taste of flower when vaping at lower settings. This is fantastic for summer fun because it lets you stay inside where it’s cool rather than having to go outside to smoke. It also keeps your indoor space from getting smoky, which is great if you live in a shared housing situation with roommates or in an apartment complex.
We-Vibe Wish: One of the newest toys in the We-Vibe lineup, the Wish has double the power of Tango–We-Vibe’s lipstick sized external vibrator. It also feature bluetooth capabilities, so you can control the vibe with your own phone through the We-Connect app, or offer control to your partner! There’s also an in-app photo and text messaging feature, allowing you to stealth sext. The outside is a soft matte silicone that has a bit of squish at the tapered tip (it feels a bit like a tongue!) and offers deep, rumbly vibrations.

CBD Ganja Gum by The Good Gum Company: Produced in Oregon as a THC-infused chewing gum, this gum is also available in CBD-only form in all 50 states This 5mg CBD Ganja Gum is great for consuming on the go, and since CBD doesn’t cause psychoactive effects, you can enjoy this gum no matter where life takes you. I love CBD for sexy times because it helps alleviate any physical discomfort you may be feeling while also helping to quiet your mind–not to mention freshening your breath to make you extra kissable!
LEVO Oil Infuser: I only recently became aware of this infuser and I have to say–it’s pretty high on my summer shopping list. The possibilities are endless! LEVO allows you to choose time and temperature and decarboxylates your flower in the process.The resulting infused oil can be used for such benign purposes as a salad dressing or topping for popcorn, or you could infuse a body friendly oil like coconut oil and use it for sexy fun times by using it as a massage oil or applying it to the vulva in your life. The best part of infusing your own oil is that–assuming you’re using lab-tested flower–you have complete quality control and can take comfort knowing that your oil is free of molds, pesticides, and anything else you don’t want to be putting in your body.
What’s on your summer must-have list, either for cannabis accessories or sexy fun times? I’d love to hear about it!

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