Strain Review: Sweet Tooth

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Like the name says, Sweet Tooth is by far one of the tastiest, most candy-like strains out there. Winner of the 2001 Cannabis Cup (first place!), Sweet Tooth shocks you with a fruity aroma, and its often an indica-strong hybrid, so you’ll feel euphoric and ready to chill right out. Before the smoke even hits you your mouth will water, just holding and smelling one of the sticky, dense nuggets.

Sweet Tooth was first created from a blend of Afghani, Nepalese, and Hawaiian. Sweet Tooth’s ability to lower stress and promote intense relaxation makes it perfect for those with tension or insomnia. Its literal sweetness may tempt you to make the best meal of your life, so look forward to a boost in appetite and creativity. The strain is happiness-inducing, from more than just consuming it.

The high produced is often sleepy when consumed in excess. Users report strong dry mouth and dry eyes, so be sure to have plenty of water or juice on hand when smoking Sweet Tooth. Some have found it eliminates anxiety, racing thoughts, and makes going to sleep much easier and more enjoyable. Commonly, Sweet Tooth has a THC content around 26%, so it’s powerful pain relief without being overwhelming or negative.

The berry aroma often indicates a great batch, and if it’s particularly dry you may do better to break the buds by hand. The buds are often bright, light green, orange haired, and frosted with loads of crystals. A grinder could turn all of your Sweet Tooth to sweet sugarplum dust, if you’re not careful. The intense flavor of Sweet Tooth makes it perfect if you like baking your cannabis into edibles, and concentrates could prove even tastier for dabs or other consumption methods.

Expect to feel mellow, euphoric, with little dizziness or paranoia. Sweet Tooth is less of a psychoactive strain, many have said, but that’s no reason to rule it out. The indica provides the pain relief and deep relaxation, while the sativa qualities provide a mood uplift, can prime you for munchies, and give you enough energy to be focused while enjoying whatever activity you’re doing.

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