Strain Review OG Kush

Scented like pine and lemon with fuzzy, orange hairs and dark green leaves, OG Kush is another top favorite hybrid strain. With a THC content as high as 31%, this strain provides many users with relief from migraines, ADHD symptoms, and stress and insomnia. Fantastic for first-time users looking to start big. The effects are an intense relaxation, euphoria, and an increase in the munchies. This makes it popular for those with a lack of appetite, needing a way to relax and eat what they need. OG Kush is good to the last drop, right down to the crystals found studded on every nugget.
Variations of the phenotype include Tahoe OG and Alpha OG, with parentage of Chemdawg (seemingly the father of most cannabis strains) and Hindu Kush. OG Kush grows best outdoors, and is especially earthy, woodsy, and a true original grown in the right conditions. The strain has bred hybrids, knock-offs, and variations alike, but you’ll know when you get your hands on the ‘OG’ OG. The scent when smoked is often lemony, hazy, and the feeling overall reaps the benefit of both sativa and indica, depending on which is more dominant in the crop.
OG Kush buds are some of the most easily recognizable, with long, sticky leaves and those little orange hairs. Some crops yield buds with purplish or brownish tint, while others are dense, coated in kief crystals, and moist as all get out. Unless left to dry out, OG Kush stays on the stem, so not much shake towards the end. Nugs break apart more easily in a grinder, but pulling apart each leaf and savoring in the beauty could add whole new dimensions to your cannabis experience.
There are a few potentially negative affects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes, increase in paranoia, and possible dizziness. Take it slow, and you might feel more benefits like increased appetite, lower stress, and pain relief. Other reports say it brings on the giggles, light-headed relaxation, and some claim relief from symptoms of PTSD. Try smoking a joint of OG Kush before bed, if you have trouble sleeping or suffer from depression and insomnia. Be warned of variations leaning harder on the indica genes, as they’ll cause a deeper body high, so avoid this strain if you need to be active or want to keep alert.
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