Northern Lights

Nothern Lights has been mother to quite a number of famous strains, like Super Silver Haze. NL herself is one of the most well-known, oldest indicas in cannabis history. It’s known well for fast and easy growth/flowering, voluminous buds, and the instantly classic, recognizable body high. It was first produced and grown in Holland, in the late 80s.
The effects of Northern Lights can be higher on the psychoactive end. You might feel dreamy, relaxed, and a comfortable laziness that allows you to tell your inner critic to shut up and sit down. Let yourself sink into the lack of muscle pain and tension for once! Use Northern Lights for sleeplessness and stress, and hopefully both troubles will feel far off in the distance.
The scent of Northern Lights is reminiscent of pine needles and fresh dirt, which doesn’t sound great at first but I’ve found it to be a very grounding strain. While I like ones that send me soaring, being able to stay focused and appreciate all aspects of the high are qualities in my preferred strains. On the more extreme end, users have found relief in Northern Lights where they could not with heavy opiates. Plus, cannabis is much safer and non-habit-forming!
Some have found the thought flow with this weed to be ‘effortless.’ I agree– it’s an excellent strain for daydreaming (or more seriously, meditation), and it’s not one of those things where the day just gets away from you without you knowing what happened. I didn’t forget anything when I tried Northern Lights, either. Most strains have the effect of having a great time, and then a sort of tension-memory wipe the next morning. No such thing here! I was able to keep focus and remember all the plans that I was making mentally, the next day. GREAT news for folks that suffer from ADHD and other related neurological disorders.
image: medicaljane

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