Strain Review Bubba Kush

The true origins of Bubba Kush are unknown, but most recognizable is its DNA in OG Kush. Bubba Kush is a hybrid with OG and supposedly Northern Lights, but its mother has not been determined for certain. BK, regardless, is a contender to be a favorite for people who like a heavy and powerful relaxation with their high. Described as the “poor man’s GDP [Granddaddy Purple]”, you can probably expect great and long lasting pain relief, and similar effects to GDP. (But let’s be real, most all cannabis is great cannabis.)
The flavors and physical structure of Bubba Kush buds are reminiscent of Afghani breeds, strongly hashish and subtly chocolate, roast coffee, and rich earth. It provides head to toe tingling and muscle relaxation like no other. Light up some BK on a day off, where you can wake up and ease into the morning without feeling groggy, or like you need that extra cup of coffee. Bubba Kush could be perfect for easing any stomach tension or helping to forget anxieties. Why not use it to make the biggest, best-tasting breakfast for yourself and getting all the benefit with none of the worries? It might even make doing the dishes afterward more bearable.
Nuggets of BK tend to be quite dense, dry, and bulky. It breaks apart in these little leafy pearls, with deep burnt-orange hairs, occasionally dark purple to light brown leaves, and a dusting of resiny crystal. The taste of the smoke inhaled is often sweet and hash like, very rich and clean, with the exhale giving hints of cocoa and spice. Pair together with your favorite morning beverage, or try Bubba Kush alongside a few pieces of chocolate or a cappuccino.
The THC content in most batches of Bubba Kush are on the lower side, ranging from 15% to 22%. Definitely look out for higher-range strains and batches of BK if you love the taste but want more of a psychoactive effect. Has a rich terpene profile high in limonene and pinene. Both are accounted for in the sweetness and tangy pine scent you sometimes get in batches of BK. Look for higher CBD content wherever you get your bud from, and you’ll be more likely to feel strong pain relief and ease from insomnia or nausea.
Chemical makeup
THC: 14-22%
CBD: 0.06-0.1%
CBN: 0-0.05%
CBG: 0.01-1.0%
THCV: 0-0.3%
CBC: 0-0.1%
CBL: 0-0.03%
β-Linalool: 0.01-0.2%
β-Myrcene: 0-0.2%
a-Pinene: 0-0.3%
D-Limonene: 0.07-0.4%
β-Caryophyllene: 0-0.4%
image: theweedblog

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