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  1. Avatar22 Apr
    Amy Wilson

    Hi Ben … thanks for sending out the information…I didn’t see N.C. anywhere…any news there? ..if S.C. goes .. we’ll go with her … hope it’s soon…I’m aember of seven chronic pain support groups..the VAST majority of us want and need this…

    1. Avatar23 May
      Ben Neal (Listing owner)

      Hi Amy 🙂 North Carolina does have an active legalization movement — NCNORML and others — with lots of marches and other demonstrations. They have even legalized CBD treatments for specific patients with severe seizures. However, nothing I’ve read indicates that they are anywhere near legalizing recreational use, or even passing broader medical use laws. I don’t live there, and don’t have first-hand info, so I could be wrong. (I hope I am!) But I wouldn’t bet on any new cannabis laws being passed in NC this year.

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