Spray Away Arthritis, Depression, and Anxiety with the MediPen

Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or even arthritis? If so then you know that the medications used to treat these conditions come with many dangerous side effects. These side effects are different for everyone and some can be rather severe. When it comes to treating these conditions, what would you say if I told you they’re working on a way to spray away these problems? Well, this is just what’s happening at an NHS facility in Cardiff.

Studies that have focused on CBD research have become more common over the past few years. Thanks to the information being learned by doctors and scientists, people are starting to finally see the benefits that cannabis has to offer beyond recreational smoking. This cannabis-based spray which does not contain THC is in the works to help treat conditions including anxiety, arthritis, and depression. In an essence, you would be able to spray away these problems. It may sound like a magical potion, but this is very much a reality. Patients around the world are finding a multitude of benefits from consuming CBD.

Approximately 2 years ago a cannabis-based drug was approved in Wales, making them the first UK Nation to legalize access to this cannabis-based drug, but only to those with multiple sclerosis. The new drug does not contain THC and has no psychoactive effects associated with it. Instead, it contains CBD or cannabidiol. It is vaporized in an electronic pen device that looks much like an e-cigarette called MediPen. The MediPen will be available for sales online for as little as £50 and is available in 17 different flavors total. All cannabis plants utilized in the CBD product within the MediPen are grown in the Netherlands to the highest of quality, and bred specifically for a maximum CBD content.

When it comes to cannabis and cannabis-based drug research in the United Kingdom, it is not an area that is taken lightly. Both Cardiff and Vale University Health Board are intensely studying the effects of cannabidiol but have very strict guidelines and stringent processes in surrounding how these studies are conducted. MediPen aims to help change the perception the public has towards cannabis by working hand-in-hand conducting tests with the assistance of the NHS. By focusing on CBD and the amazing amount of health attributes associated with it, companies in the UK just may have a way one day for you to spray away arthritis, anxiety or depression.

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