Smoking Weed on the Las Vegas Strip

Smoking Weed on the Las Vegas Strip, will it ever be possible?

Nevada is a tourism-driven state, and many are wondering why smoking weed in Las Vegas is not an option. Marijuana is legal in Nevada, but the only place to consume it is at home. Nevada Senator Tick Segerblom says tourists deserve better, “We’re trying to get $70 million in tax revenue from them, so let’s give them some place to use it.”

So far, no states allow public consumption of marijuana. However, there are a few weed friendly hotels in Oregon, Washing and Colorado. Nevada does not want to continue going without a place for tourists to consume safely. Especially in a high foot traffic city like Las Vegas.

What is Las Vegas planning to provide stoners?

Nevada senators understand that hundreds of tourists will absolutely take cannabis back to their hotel rooms to smoke. They will also smoke in public on the strip right next to families. The goal is to create safe-zones for cannabis consumers without the risk of casinos getting shut down by government agents.

One idea Nevada senators have is to create marijuana lounges on the Las Vegas strip and in-between hotels and casinos. This will allow tourists to get high in a social setting, walk out to visit casinos and gamble. Then visit nearby shops and buy delicious munchies, followed by reserving a room to nap or sleep for the night.

The legal fear keeping casinos from setting up cannabis lounges.

The big scare is that weed is currently federally illegal, and classified as a schedule one drug. Leaving casino owners afraid of a big shut down. “It’s federally illegal and we can’t have it in our resorts,” says Andy Abboud, the vice president of government relations. Governor Jon Hickenlooper warned that allowing marijuana into casino resorts could draw the attention of drug enforcers upon the billion-dollar industry. However, most Nevada senators strongly believe that it is a risk worth taking.

Sen. Segerblom says that Las Vegas, NV has always been known for its legal vices and pleasure. Things that people do not condone but are still conducted within a couple miles of the casinos. Forty-six million tourists visit Nevada annually and a majority of them will be buying weed from dispensaries.

Nevada senators expect customers to take weed back to their hotel rooms to smoke. And expected to smoke on the street and on the Las Vegas strip. This will cause unnecessary headaches for law enforcement and the community. Therefore, why not create designated areas for people to smoke marijuana. And to relieve the unnecessary tension before people get hurt?

Marijuana bill will make Nevada first state to set up Marijuana Lounges.

The Nevada Senate has already approved the plan to create marijuana lounges. If Governor Brian Sandoval signs bill SB 236, that would make Nevada the first state to allow recreational cannabis clubs. The fear is that the government will still impose strict sanctions and release anti-weed attorney general Jeff Sessions to come knocking on their doors.

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