Get Your Oregon Cannabis Charges Expunged for Free

From tearing apart families to impeding the ability for many individuals to further their education or even obtain a good job, the prohibition of cannabis has caused detrimental harm in communities across the United States. For many individuals who have been arrested for cannabis, it is hard for them to obtain a job or further their education even after they serve their time, whether it be in jail or on probation. This is due to the fact that these drug charges still carry with them on their records for the remainder of their lives.
In the state of Oregon, where cannabis has been legal for adult recreational use since 2014, individuals that have a criminal record in the state for offenses that are now legal, have the opportunity to have the charges expunged from their records. Unfortunately for many individuals they are unable to pay the fees and lawyer costs associated with the process, so they continue to feel the negative effects of prohibition still today.
Knowing that the fees are impossible to pay for many people, Marley’s Naturals has teamed up with the Minority Cannabis Business Association to help individuals have their records cleared with absolutely no out of pocket costs. On August 27th, from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., individuals with previous cannabis charges that are eligible for expungement can come to the Village Ballroom in Portland Oregon, located at 704 Northeast Dekum to fill out the necessary paperwork and file for their charges to be expunged from the records without paying a penny.
The process is expected to take less than 2 hours and all fees will be paid for by Marley Natural™ and the Minority Cannabis Business Association. This event is being called Rise Up™ Oregon Expungement Day and is just one way that the MCBA is taking action to stand by its mission statement. The MCBA knows all too well the consequences that the war on drugs has had and continues to have on the minority communities. That is why they have made it part of their mission to combat these consequences and help individuals overcome them. Through this event, many individuals will have a second chance at a normal life that they may not have had otherwise. If you have cannabis charges in the state of Oregon and are eligible to have them expunged from your record, but have been unable to pay the fees associated with doing so, be sure to RSVP to this event today.

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