Next 10 Biggest Cannabis Events

We’ve compiled a list of the next 10 biggest cannabis-related events to keep an eye out for the rest of the year.

  1. Michigan Cup
  • HIGH TIMES is hosting Michigan’s first HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup & Country Fair!
  • Located within the Auto city Speedway of Clio, Michigan, the event will be held on three days from August 26th – 28th.
  • The event is only open to medical patients, but doctors will be available on site. In addition, medical marijuana qualification of any state is also acceptable for admission.
  • This three day cannabis country fair will feature live concerts, a Sunday POTathlon, Midway Games and a Heady Village.
  • Website:
  1. Seattle Hempfest Protestival
  • Entering its 25th anniversary, the Seattle Hempfest protestival has been known as the word’s first and largest cannabis policy reform event. It is held from August 19th-21st at Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks on the Seattle waterfront.
  • The event prides itself as the most socially responsible, educational, and largest free speech rally in the nation. Seattle’s hempfest events have influenced regional and public policy, and helped to pave the way for legalization in Washington State.
  • Because this event is a free speech event aimed to educate the public on cannabis, admission is completely free.
  • At the event you will find 6 stages of non-stop speakers and music & 400 arts, crafts, food, and informational vendors.
  • Although this festival seeks to educate and push for cannabis policy reform, this doesn’t mean that attendees can publicly smoke, ingest or sell pot. Doing so is illegal because the festival is held in a public drug free zone.
  • Website:
  1. Oregon State Fair
  • From August 26th to September 5th, the Oregon State Fair will be displaying marijuana plants for the first time to be judged. The fair normally holds competitions for animals, agriculture and horticulture, but this year the decision to allow marijuana plants was due to the plant’s growing social acceptance. Judges will not be smoking the plants, instead they will only be judging the plants on its looks. Anyone 21 and up may enter the marijuana exhibit at the Oregon State Fair to see the award winning cannabis crops.
  1. Dabathon Cup Part 2
  • Held on August 27th and 28th in Los Angeles, the Dabathon Cup is a cannabis competition festival for all valid medical marijuana patients, featuring award winning companies and products. You will also find art, games, live glass blowing, live music and special appearances. The exact location and venue has yet to be announced.
  • All attendees will be able to sample and vote for their favorite cannabis and concentrates varieties from competitors.
  • Website:
  1. Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition
  • The Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition is a business, educational, and networking event for those interested or already working within the cannabis industry. This event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 7th to September 9th.
  • This event will feature exhibits, services, seminars, and speakers. Those looking to invest in the industry and those already in it can find the latest technology, products, resources and solutions provided by exhibitors.
  • Register on their website to attend:
  1. Boston Freedom Rally
  • The 27th annual Boston Freedom Rally will be held on September 17th and 18th, located within Boston Common. This is a peaceful protest with a mission to educate voters and legislators to end prohibition and collecting signatures for petitions.
  • The Boston Freedom Rally will feature music, inspirational speakers, and vendors. This event is open to the public, and though many attendees do light up in support of cannabis and the name of civil disobedience, it should be noted that possession and smoking in public is still illegal. Smokers partaking in direct resistance do so at their own choice and risk.
  • Stay updated via their facebook page:
  1. The Secret Cup
  • Located in Lake Michigan, the Secret Cup is a vacation style event where visitors with medical marijuana cards can stay at the resort from September 29th to October 2nd. Guests can enjoy a relaxing networking experience, while comfortably sampling products and competition entries. Hash makers from around the world will be showcasing their concentrates in competing for the golden torch. The Secret Cup also prides itself in being the first and only competition to offer a “soil to oil” award, meaning that the award goes to the best flower that also yields the best concentrate. In addition to competitions, guests can enjoy live glass blowing demonstrations, entertainments, food, and shopping at vendor booths.
  • Get your tickets here:
  • Get more information from event website:
  1. CannaGrow Expo
  • From October 29th – 30th, the CannaGrow Expo in Denver, Colorado will be open to guests 18 and older who are interested in entering the marijuana cultivation industry. The event will showcase the latest technology, techniques, and resources in cultivation. Guests can attend from selection of 25 educational seminars presented by world class growers, as well as networking with cultivators from all over the country. The CannaGrow Expo will be located at the Crowne Plaza Denver Airport Hotel & Convention Center, where guests can also choose to stay.
  • Tickets and information can be found on the event’s website:
  1. Cannafest
  • For those who wish to travel, Cannafest in Prague, Czech Republic is a great cannabis festival to check out. The event will be held from November 11th to November 13th at Incheba Praha. The event will feature vendors, exhibitions, Czech and English Seminars, workshops, a reading room, a cinema, a vape lounge, hemp catering, and a smoking “Chillout Zone”. Visiting parents can also take advantage of Cannafest’s “Kids Fun and Relax Zone,” where they can hang out with their kids or ask a professional babysitter to take care of them while the parents can enjoy the festival.
  • More information and tickets will be available here:
  1. The Emerald Cup
  • From December 10th to the 11th in the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California, the Emerald Cup will attract cannabis enthusiasts from around the country ages 18 and up. The Emerald up has a reputation as the “largest, most respected, organic, outdoor, medical cannabis competition in the world.” The Rolling Stone Magazine event called it, “the Academy Awards of the cannabis industry.” This year’s cup will feature an expanded vendor area, a Hall of Flowers, sampling area, and a food court with organic menus.
  • Get your tickets here:

Any other upcoming marijuana events or news can be found here.

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