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If you had ever wondered how much weed goes into joints, chances are if you turn to the internet you had a hard time coming to a conclusion. If you were to look things up on YouTube, for example, you will find an abundance videos that contain people rolling or smoking extremely large joints that are not typical.
If you turn to sources such as Weedmaps to see the size of pre-rolled joints being sold at dispensaries, chances are you would have come to the same conclusion as many and would believe that the typical American joint is on average a half gram of cannabis.
This half gram has also been utilized as a baseline by the United States office of National Drug control policy. But thanks to Greg Ridgeway from the University of Pennsylvania and his colleagues Beau Kilmer from the Rand Corporation we now have a more decisive answer.
Based on the analysis of more than 10,000 marijuana sales in 40 different communities over an 11-year period shows that the average sized joint contains .32 grams of cannabis. So you were probably wondering why someone would have spent money to perform a study to come up with this statistic but it’ll actually make complete sense once I explain.
Knowing how much cannabis is typically consumed within one joint allows organizations such as the United States office of National Drug control policy a better ability to determine the amount of marijuana that is trafficked from out of the country as well as to positively affect the conversation surrounding legalization of cannabis on the federal level within the US.
Having this data could drastically benefit the reform of cannabis at both a state and federal level. How much marijuana do you think is in a typical joint? We would love to hear how much you roll in a standard joint, so let us know in the comments below.
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