Medicare Has Seen a Decrease in Prescriptions Thanks to Cannabis

The pharmaceutical companies are starting to lose profits. Their eighty billion dollars a year plus in profits may be reduced to 70 billion dollars a year! According to an article in The Marijuana Times, prescription drug rates in states that have legalized access to medical marijuana are dropping. Medicaid has not seen the same amount of prescription drugs being prescribed to patients and there’s been up to a 25% drop in prescription drug-related overdoses in the states.

Not only are these prescription drug overdose or opiate-related overdoses dropping it is showing that people, in fact, would rather choose cannabis over prescription pills. This is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry has known would happen when marijuana was made legal. This is also why they have been working so diligently to try to synthesize or create in a laboratory a drug that does the same thing as marijuana does naturally. To this date, they have not been able to do this.

GW Pharmaceuticals is currently in the final testing stages of a synthetically developed cannabis drug to help with nausea. Unlike natural cannabis, ¬†synthetic or man-made cannabis replicas made by pharmaceutical companies have hurt dozens of people. In England during a test trial of a synthetic base marijuana drug created in a laboratory much the same way methadone is 10 people went into comas and the program was stopped immediately. When it comes to pharmaceutical marijuana from giant corporations if I were you I’d stay away from anything they try to give me.

When something works, there is no need to try to fix it. When something is natural there is no reason to try to replicate a man-made version, especially when it comes to medicines and things that could potentially change life as we know it on Earth for the better.

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