If you’re in the medical marijuana game, Nugrunner is a name you’ll likely hear a lot more as it continues to grow in and around Lakewood, California.
Nugrunner is a niche marijuana delivery service that caters to the Lakewood medical cannabis community. The company physically carries strains from its menu to showcase its variety for a more authentic dispensary experience that lets customers inspect its available products. The Nugrunner delivery team operates in full compliance with California Proposition 215 and is available to assist Lakewood patients by phone.
Here are some recent facts on medical marijuana:

  • Medical marijuana sales in 2017 alone were greater than three billion dollars.
  • The average price per ounce of high quality marijuana in the U.S. as of 2017 is over $320.

There is absolutely no doubt that the demand for and popularity of medical marijuana is growing amongst Americans.
The Menu
Lakewood medical cannabis users can find more than 100 top-notch marijuana items. Nugrunner offers a full inventory of professionally cultivated cannabis strains such as Purple OG, Cocoa Kush, Jawbreaker, Tangie, and Bob Marley.
Nugrunner’s menu of extracts includes a large variety of vape cartridges by Bhang, FlavRX, and Kurvana as well as shatters and concentrates from Doughboy and THClear. Lakewood patients can medicate with delicious marijuana-infused brownies, CBD cookies, cereal bars, and gummies or orally apply a few drops of specially formulated Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid tinctures. Nugrunner also offers strain-specific prerolls by Kurupt and G-Stick to accommodate patients who prefer to spark one up and medicate the old-fashioned way.
Nugrunner welcomes first-time patients with the choice of an eighth of flower for the exclusive price of $40, two additional grams of flower, three eighths of flower for $100, or two grams of shatter for $50. Lakewood Veterans, seniors, students, and medical marijuana patients with disabilities will receive a 10% discount.
You can take advantage of Nugrunner’s daily deals with discounts on top-shelf flower strains and concentrates. You’ll be able to enjoy bundle deals on flower on Sunday and Thursday and receive five grams of flower for $50. Feel free to replenish your stock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and pick up five grams of flower for $55 or three eighths of flower for $100. On Tuesdays, Lakewood patients can find two grams of shatter for $50 or three eighths for $100.
The Process
First-time Nug Runner patients are required to text a valid copy of their California recommendation and ID and have both documents available at the time of delivery for in-person verification. Nugrunner offers free delivery for orders $40 or more and charge a five dollar fee for orders under $40. Nugrunner delivers within an hour and only accepts cash as payment.
Service Locations
Nugrunner delivers high-grade marijuana to medical marijuana patients in Northern Orange County including Lakewood, Placentia, Brea, La Habra, and Cypress. Nugrunner extends their delivery services to cannabis consumers in Whittier, Downey, Stanton, Cerritos, and Anaheim.
Next time you have a need for medical marijuana in the Lakewood area, considering using Nugrunner. They are safe, reliable, and guaranteed to deliver a quality medical product.

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