Marley Natural Launches Product Line in Portland Oregon

The Marley name has always been synonymous with the cannabis community and culture. So it comes as no surprise that the Marley family has their own cannabis-based product line. This company known as Marley Natural, offers a product line that includes pre-rolled joints, smoking accessories, sun-grown herb, beauty and hygiene products, as well as oil cartridges for vaping. Marley Natural originally launched their product line in Southern California on Bob Marley 71st birthday which was February 6th. Since their original launch on the legends birthday, they have also introduced their product line to the medical marijuana market in Northern California. This week Marley Natural announced that they have also launched their product line within the recreational cannabis market in Portland Oregon.
When it comes to cannabis flowers the Marley Natural line is available in four different categories. These categories are Marley Green, Marley Red, Marley Black, and Marley Gold. These four categories naturally represent the four primary types of cannabis that is available on the market today. These four types include Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and CBD strains. Of course, all cannabis offered in the Marley Natural product line is cultivated in the state of Oregon to the highest of cultivation standards.
Marley Natural is not just another cannabis product line. The company has been built upon the morals and values of the legend Bob Marley himself and they work directly with several different organizations throughout the culture that are dedicated to ending cannabis prohibition and helping those in the communities affected the most by the War on Drugs. Marley Natural is dedicated to ensuring  that the product they bring to market is of the highest quality and their profits are put to good use helping those affected by cannabis prohibition throughout  minority communities. For example, on Saturday, August 27th, they are helping host Rise Up Expungement Day and are helping picking up the tab to pay the costs associated with having the cannabis charges expunged from the records of offenders in Oregon that are unable to pay the fees themselves. This is just one way that Marley Natural is sharing the love. Have you tried a Marley Natural product? If so, weed love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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