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Teen marijuana consumption is dropping dramatically in states that have legalized marijuana. Colorado is a shining star example when it comes to studying the effects of marijuana legalization on teenagers. As it has been so elegantly put, Colorado teenagers are stubbornly refusing to smoke more marijuana. It is as if they are protesting saying I don’t want anything to do with that stuff because all the old people are doing it.
States that have legalized marijuana are getting more than benefits and just tax dollars they are getting benefits of having happier, healthier, more productive citizens. Teenagers that used to run off to smoke a joint because it was cool are no longer doing this. Recreational cannabis consumption just must not seem as cool when it is understood by your elders and accepted as some might say. Those who live in Colorado, however, would say that it is because of education programs that are funded with cannabis tax dollar revenue.
Through the tax dollars that Colorado received from cannabis sales it does more than just fund schools with the necessary tools and equipment our children need in order to succeed in their education, they also have excellent early prevention and deterrent advertising. Basically, cannabis legalization is breaking the stereotypes across the board. Colorado is a go to state for statistics. Prescription drug overdoses are down, accident fatalities on the roads are down, teenage marijuana consumption is down, tax revenue for the state is at an all-time high, job growth is at an all-time high, and the list goes on.
One of the biggest questions that prohibitionists have against legalization is “what about the kids?” Well, the answer is clear. The kids are doing just fine, in fact they are doing even better because their schools are fully funded, they have options for scholarships, they are receiving accurate information pertaining to cannabis, and they are choosing not to utilize it as adolescents!
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